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Monday, December 31, 2012

Hypotheisis Agenda of Millanila Gneration Prevents Extintion and 21st C humanity becomes best of times for peak of 10 billion lives on earth- note population expoentials 8 bilion in 2020s 
WE NEED TRANSPARENY LINKING WORLDS MATHS GENII- NEUMANN EINSYTEIN TURING BOATS INNOVATION TYPE 6 engines for brainworking includes computer hardware - immediate cidre sodrware - blebding of human-computer language (AI)
PUZZLE 1951 - as it turned out less than 7 years to see expoential ops and threats of net - - Economist Editir asks MNeumann pre-reaining survey needed between engineers, economist , journalists- its agreed ask leaders what vision is whetrever people unite whetever first access to at least 100 time more com - eg moores law or 100 times more coms -eg consequences of satllite coms both visible 1965
200s 3 greatest human inspirations seen in silicon valley - abed converst jobs and gates; in 2009 valley first sees maths genii dei-fei li and hassabis- about 7 people around stanfird have seen with jobs need ti desihgn pro-youth pro-female coding vulture - welcome fei-fei li from 2009- she's now around 30 having immigrated from china age 15 with no english- miracles: geetting scholarsj=hip princeton- driven by einstein physics curiosity which she cobvers to blend of comoutation and neuroscince- almos nowhete accepts that doctirate but he finds caltec; with her new doctirate princeto appoints her assistant professor but computing funds have to be won from nsf which says the budget goies to supercomputer at chicago-chapagne ; it takes fei fei li total of 12 years 2006-2017 to embed ai database with 20 million images- 20000 enties humans work, play with most
-big breakthrough 2009 - at age 30 princeton first place to competely welcome her- she worls out manual coding -amazin turks- begons annual cooperation challenge image net; 2009 first time she sees hassabis in valley event ythrough sponsrhip of londons gatsby network - hassabis bring games to comp-neuroscience - hypothesis hassabis and li together rank as maths equals to net- of course they need support of many huge funders as well as linking in previously siloised academic field

2012 is turning point - neural netwrking algoiths valued by net applied with furst breakthrough success since death od net by 2 draduates of hinton applying logics lecun an bengio had also kep alive

ptretty much ever big influencer stars betting on this as revolkutioary moment
hassavois stars geting funbdiung from ventuyre capitalists to contine his london work ; by 2014 its agrred he needs to merge with google comoutatioal power
nvidia's ceo starts designikng gpus wityh 80 billion trnsistors - this takes 5 yrars to be priofitable but he wss inspired by 2012 revolution momemty and melinda gates who's also inspire with nvidia help fei-fei launch curricula non proifit a-4-all piloted stanfird summer camp 2014; coast to coiast drom 2015; as un decares 17 goals kim and guterres ask melinda gates and jack ma to desing un2.0 to change how every humans learning time spent and unite aiforgoof itu geneva, un hq ny, every prqactice branch of un - eg gilal 2 food out of urope
li presents at innuaguralaigoodsummuit itu - which becomes continuous virtual web; and its with her non-profit iudentiry she testifies to congree- wgats coning next is millions of thimes more computer power applued to computers seeing everyhthinh humans publish and chat
li is actuallu on first 10 year sabattical at google cloud 201-19-sees exytraordinary computu ng power of corporate world and businees pirches of cloud going into ai which she also had seen with automoous car dricing entreprenurs- she wonders why dont we do same robot-ai vision trech in caring for patents post -emergency ops which her mom has spent years just surviving- agrees to go back to co-launch staford hai- human centeed ai- is there any disciplie at stanforrd not beeding ai 2,0 version; if you look at stanford people like jeerry hang since 2007 have built all star sposor lan and this is also rwinned with stanford business park and the sister citeis palo alto moutain viuew santa clara - so standord as humanai acamidemic coopearttion google dep mind brain ; and potentially every partner under the sun can be the future - how will large llm revolution fit into that - intriguingly the net had expected 1001 language mediation english-through 999 mother tingues to one maths of ai; eistein had expexcted everone in 2020s wpould have personalised learning agency geared to livelihoods and life- turing had expected revokution in dep data of which imagent is first paradimg- many of the doctirate stundents of the bif 3 elder professors hinron 25 years oler than li; lucun, bengio 15 now in middle of llms - coursea founsers one of first teams welcoming fei-fei ie andrew ng stanfird, daphne koller biotecy stanford, lila ibrahim now coo london deep niind google brain

the eplus taiwanese americans je=rry yanfh jensen humang joseph tsia purpose are core as are the 2 ms T&T who can make brokklyn the inner city twin of stanfrg engineerung girl power across east river from unsumitfuture - all to play for every lasdy year of war and peace - wirg 23-24 and 24-25 guterres 2 final years before his 10 years leadetrhip up foir re-election - currently every sdgoal collapsing backwars can UN LLM change everything?

RISKS 1950 - future of energy future of broken geonomics across hemispherres;need to design above zero sume trading models;  no legislatures of staying ahead of 100 times more coopperation connectivity - rebuild everywhere including 2 capitals bombed to bits; stalin odd leader out; uk bankrupt by paying for arms for europe to beat hitler- so rush to gramnt eg wquater of people on indian subcontinent independece but almost no economic or leadertship support

kennedy's 3 goals good - peace coprps, interde=4 time moore than end of world war 2; 2/3 are asinas; less than 20% are caucasian wjite but perhaps 80% of finacial decision making still rooted in whites - and nb the capital cities of g8 nations all north of 39 (dc lomdon Berlin Tokyo Moscow Paris Rome Ottwa - thats quite a geonomiv mess - particularly as indian subcomtinent and chinese speaking people each quarter of human population but many still straving as recently as 1960; geonomics complicatedf neough with most growth dynamics apearning tp be east-west; but 4 north -south responsibilities - america; west coast europe; central europe-asia which is also russia down through swizerland germany hungary middle eadt suez cala pacific ost africa where most world wars and failed nations seem to have spun since 1900 or earlie far east coast - islands and penisural japan korea taiwan hk singapaore - asean futher east; china mainland coast west atop s.east asia - Until 1970 greatts of economis primarily human mental models of ethics eg adam smith and keynes and mediation by james wilson alumni of queen voisctoria's need to transform from slavemaking empire to commonwealth; up to 1950 5 types of engines - 3 begiun in scotlandfd had advanced less than 20% of huamnity 200 fold leaving mpost of rest at susisetnce scots 3 can be described asd physical power combustion engine from 1760 all dynmaics of automation (rural to city life - factories ; sanitation ... agreeing worldwide time/navigation coordunatesd) mass transportation foirts being railways from 1776 irsh lead people in usa to demand indepence in building their continent of 1000 times more resources than britania's ne and a hlaf islands (as of 1776 usa immigrant population half of britain but within 40 years double0- usas is study of making big from engine innoivations begun in europe type 4 and 5 engines invented central europe eg in german and french (and perhaps russian0 languages - ie communicatiosn engines- and electricity from 1865 switzerland agreed as worldiwde epicentre agreeing cooperation uograde standards of coms)

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