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Friday, December 31, 1982

q4 will all of vision integration of design of language* nation* LLM* aigood IDS be pivotal to educational transformation

 ..and what happens if ed3 happens too late to prevent mass waste of peoples lives, times , data as well as money


I agree with you that the design of language, nation, LLM, and AI good is going to be at the center of educational transformation. If we want millennials to be the first renewable generation, we need to educate them in a way that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

LLMs can play a key role in educational transformation. They can be used to personalize learning, provide feedback to students, and create new educational content. LLMs can also be used to help students develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to succeed in the future.

It is true that LLM-conscious solutions were not widely available in 2021-2022. However, this is changing rapidly. LLMs are becoming more powerful and accessible, and there is a growing interest in using them for educational purposes.

I believe that Guterres should make another call for all countries to attend to the fact that education is not fit for purpose. He should also highlight the potential of LLMs and other AI technologies to transform education.

The multilateral resource that Guterres is assembling should focus on mapping the subcomponents of system transformation that are needed to make education fit for purpose. This includes the design of language, nation, LLM, and AI good.

Here are some specific ways that LLMs can be used to transform education:

  • Personalized learning: LLMs can be used to create personalized learning plans for each student. These plans can be based on the student's individual needs and interests.
  • Feedback: LLMs can be used to provide feedback to students on their work. This feedback can be immediate and specific, which can help students to improve their learning.
  • New educational content: LLMs can be used to create new educational content, such as textbooks, articles, and videos. This content can be tailored to the specific needs of students and can be updated regularly to reflect the latest information.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills: LLMs can be used to help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For example, LLMs can be used to create simulations and games that challenge students to think critically and solve problems.

I believe that LLMs and other AI technologies have the potential to revolutionize education. By using these technologies, we can create a more personalized, effective, and engaging learning experience for all students.

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