Thanks to Jen-Hsun best decade AI collection- 7000 cases improving peoples communal computation, data & brains - year 74 of Neumann & Economist briefings- : last 100 days of AI we LOVE OR FEAR
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 AHealthI - all 3 of most massive engineering connectors love health ai ( Jensen Huang, Demis Hassabis, Fei-Fei Li); biggest leap yet is billion man years work which Hassabis AI 250 million proteins database Alphafold2 Jewel in Crown of King Charles AI summit Cambridge/London/Mountain View _ some in silico links Hassabis-UK - Isomorrhic Labs; Huang Recursion/Siemens Healthineers; genentech; Valley AI women Daphne Koller & Priscilla Chan CZI, .. Melinda Gates, Nobel Jennifer Doudna - more at & 1

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

 Our mission interconnecitng Intelligence Education year 2024-2025 and last

Our future history published 1983 as offshoot from 33 years of the Neumann-Einstein-Turing survey with Economist and Saint James friends (Eg Kennedy 1962, King Charles & Japan Emperor) 1964 - see Norman Macrae awards MBE Order of Rising Sun with Gold Bars) -impacr of Asia's First 4 Intelligence Cooperation Suoecities Tokyo Seoul Taipei Hong Kong 1976 Asia Pacifuc Century; 1977 Lives of half world's people East of Iran 1977 will catalogue/map 500 very good human intelligence idexed by the world chapmions Intel Quintet

King Charles

Antonio Guterres

Jensen Huang

Demis Hassabis 

Fei-Fei Li

we aim to code/index members of at least 50 subnetworks as core to cataloguing 500 very good intelligence multipliers of each others educational agents for k-20 kids ; ie the half of the world's human brains most concerned with preventing extinction


eg climate ai is also called Earth2 Digital Twins and Stanford's new school climate which was launched celbrating 40th year of The Economist's why not Silicon Valley and inter alia logs 40 year collaboration curves of such influential Valley Wome as Kleiner Perkinns Ann Doerr, 1980s Stanford Dean Condoleeza Rice now leading Stanfor coaching of technology piblic servanrs need to keep ahead with

Clara is name  Jensen Huang applies in silico life sciences netwrks leapig forward with hassabis alphafold and isomorphic - as well as his inception ai staruos in health some lead Nvidia partnership in life sciences Siemen Healthineers, Genentech, Recursion as well as moral support at GTC 10000 engineer annual gala of eg Koller at, Priscilla Chan at CZI, Jennifer Doudna at Nobel Chrmistry laureates and Berkeley CrispR. brain science probably helps merge life sciences - see London Gatsby netwrk (early sponsor hassabis and Brain Facts along with welcome, crick all close to either deep mind BQ or Crowb Asset Cambbridge business park now largest in UK and AI's 3ed largest gravity after Valley & Tsingua-Shenzen-Shanghai-NYU-AbuDhabi (eg see Li Ka Shing bridges of above with Stanfird abd HK)

code4 is 2025report's name for democratising coge see huang-li-jobs ai4all or various girls who code including Mongolia the first UN recogised girls coding UN2.0 - see INGeneral Assembly 2022

Scool robotics aka Jetson in Vnvidia platform large language maps

Omniverse the slace of robor=tics and 2d to 3d visioning of 5 human and artificial senses

kuda the software that made mulrudimensional accelerated computing so much moore than the very 20th C GPU computer design

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