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Sunday, September 24, 2023

 Timeless, Borderless, I love the world's greatest mathematicians. 

Openly applied their intelligence can help save our human race from disasters and connect us to advancing human condition around nature's evolutionary deep data coding. First, I asked bard llm for a top 10 of mathematicians before 1900. 

HG Wells: Civilisation is a race between education & catastrophe
Please note  educated societies do not require everyone to do maths. They do demand that the community role of teaching  plants open curiosity and collective behavioral confidence thanks to attentive awareness of magics gifted  us by mathematical greats. Quite simply education (and parenting)  fit for purpose helps next generations see and celebrate the mathematical wizards of their world and lifetimes on earth.

My father Norman (with good fortune to survive being a teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma) was assigned the privilege to pretrain in Princeton 1951 with the NET (Neumann's leadership of Einstein and Turing). Why and how were they launching  engine type 6 "compotation" to correct any misuses of man-made engines including type 5 communications engines mediated worldwide out of Switzerland from 1865. 

In particular the Economist's war-time editor Crowther having just completed the centenary autobiography of The Economist wanted Neumann's futurist advice in training journalists to rediscover peacefully living up to The Economist's founder's constitutional bargain with Queen Victoria : design into English Language  mediation of social action to take part in "a severe contest between intelligence that presses us forward and an unworthy timid ignorance destructing our progress".

To map urgent intergenerational consequences for 2020s human beings and their large language models please see  - through 23-24, can we map what it will urgently take for 8 billion beings to help goodwill unite nations?

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