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Saturday, June 24, 2023

 There is probably no greater privilege in life of a moderately smart maths guy than being given 12 years of full access (16 visits between2007-2018) to how bangladesh women were empowered to build village health services extending life expectancy from low 40s to mid 60s - see 

However when it comes to one time magic moments it must be while attending UN debriefing of sdgs sept 2016- jim kim standing up and saying on behalf of all poverty alleviation leaders inspired by franciscan paulo freire - and all who like hg wells value education as core in race between civilisation and collapse -  leds be transparent:  all these goals are impossible until the un ends silos between village education, tech genesis, and indeed every last mile practice skill realising goals needs. I didnt get to see the next day when he connected un ny with un geneva and change any other un ed branches to join in what has become 8 years of geneva tech people's support of guterres signature design of UN2 and indeeed any gov2.0 willing to help milllanils be teh first sustainability generation - seehow  - this became guterres digitl cooperation rodmapping - now 9 transfrmation subsystem of which AIforgood drwas the most scaling -the un has ever visioned-into-action; so in july 2023 you might be surprised that guterres and top people of who, wipo and itu taking global health ai for sdgs to a new level tanks number 2 in my view of AI games; number 1 is guterres newly announcing his own hi level ai circle with FFL and Hassabis

-regarding some golden oldie stuff bard helped me retrae on intelligence and servant leadership of health care empowerment by and for the poorest:womenEMP.docx


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