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Thursday, February 28, 2019

2019 diary - key moments latest update march 2019

We've been comparing notes with Girls Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Banking on opportunities for 2019 to move forward the hopes and livelihoods of youth as the SDG generation and making key listings of leadership alumni

Japan to host most world stage events in 2019
G20 July
Pope Francis visit probably late december
Era of new Emperor from April sets context for all royal families

Summer 2020 Olympics will also mark first full year of jack ma as an educator starting sept 2019 - jack has many shared interests with Maso-san - the regions greatest venture capitalist in future of tech

Beijing hq'd AIIB hosts great event in July with Luxembourg
2nd BRI summit anticipated April 2019 still not confirmed making AIIB event more important for infrastructure banking network -update hosted with 35 countries attending

the un's pivotal report on Digital Cooperation appears to be delayed from march to june
the world economic forum summer meeting in china may also become of renewed importance

all eyes on africa with jim kim moving from world bank to africa infrastructure investment ba

Chile hosts asean 2019 in november

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