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Thursday, December 31, 2009

view of world millennials need in 2025 from


Intelligence friends of the younger half of the world in 2025

 Y Back in 2007 Muhammad Yunus was asking Asean, Pacific Ocean Trade and woimen empowerment deepest questions on behalf of 21st C youth but had no sustainable commonwealth, digital  or US west coast friends capable of deep system answers

1 will elders design solution to subprime favoring millennials and next leaps in tech

2 will the world build good infrastructure corridor between bangladesh india myanmar china- what went wrong for pacific oceans middle bay of bengal due to british partitioning 1947

3 what would a climate intelligent world totally remap

A Fazle Abed had shown how village women could build a nation (investing deeply in goals 2,3,4 ,5 and concern for millennial womens empowerment goals 6-8, 9-12, 13-160 but had kept out of the direct politics impacting bangladesh internally and at its borders

Taiwanese Americans and Hong Kong's transnationals were mapping leaps in intelligence solutions out of stanford taiwan hong kong and japan -eg see the story of jerry yang's connections which he epicentred out of stanfird from 2008 add in today's solutions from the 3 J's jerry Joseph and jensen ; blend in intelligence of Maurice Chang , and Audrey Tang. between 2007-9 UK royal Family worked our Abed not Yunus had solutions - (sir fazle abed 2009 verus US-Paris Nobel Yunus 2006) Fazle Hasan Abed To Be Knighted For Work on Poverty

Dec 30, 2009 — Founder and Chairperson of BRAC, Fazle Hasan Abed, is to be knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for services in tackling poverty and ...

J In 2012 Japan hosted what was going most wrong for the whole region with 50 good people out of Embaasy in Dhaka;  Abe's ideas soc5.0 and osaka track were goof but covid ruined japans world stage leaving osaka expo 2025 to be its next moment og lifting world

K 2012 out of usa koreans jim kim (see his freakonomics transcript of obama world bank appointment interview and ban ki-moon were prepping good un2/sdgs with  guterres (health services and refufee networks and epidemiologists and foundational parts of what gates , jobs, silicon valley had first rehearsed with fazle abed in 2001 as well as village phone maps from MIT (abdul latif ie toyota middle east, sheik moza qatar) and mastercard foundation's reeta roy; koike was another alumn from Egyptian universities who wanted to help. Anglo Dutch Royals were very interested particularly in the climate adaptation agenda Korea's ai world series event pacific spring 2024 can connect king charles and japan emperors visions as well as youth superstar heroines - audit every asian women sports champion interests with eg Yuna Kim playing the Korean rile that Billy Jean King is playing out of usa- make sure this lands both at Paris AI summit august and un summit future NY september

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