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Monday, December 31, 2001

Bad nEWs mediation destroys MGI- can APPC save

 Globalisations political macroeconomists have been blinded by east-west growth exposing multiple n-s faultlines; as well as tracking the 4 N_S coastal beltlines of Atlantic and Pacific - learn from landlocked world war labs. Such fake media design will erode/destroy Millennials' Goals Intelligence which world-deep investment needs id 21st c kids are to be first renewable generation

the original world war nab up from suez to tricontinent landbridge to Russia has tripled with balkan to north and now the gulf up through afghan to russia 

the miracle of billion east asian village girls empowerment is that it offered clues on how to fix north from myanmar-bangla border - understanding this is not yet being valueed by the clinton microcreditsummit which otherwise offered millennills some hope

who as well as bangladesh yunus and abed to tap intel from - ezra vogel , lee kuan yew, romano prodi are eastern examples, prodi, soros, gorbachev, franciscans mihjt have been western examples

the 3 kingdoms uk japan and neterlands could convenve a decolonial ai world series

those who truly supported mandela might have helped clarify africa's role as southern compoent od east atlatic and west pacifific

thise concernede with last mile health and refugees can provide foundational deep data support to large media models

updare 2020- pity plague prevention ai models had not been mapped as they might have integrwted s-n and east-west as urgentlu climate livable planet will need to fo

forwars after covid aja multilatera2015's need for un2 to turn sdgs into reality-making partnership not more greenwasking

abed's 4-force model which began womens intel new universities with stanford from 2001 remains valid for deep data scientists

Public worlf service broadcaters appear to have missed 1984 timeline script of mediating a worlfwide reality tv program on enf poverty solutions before 3g to 5g copounnd -its worth remembering why it was lile to be a tiwanese postmaster who suggested suck solutions as blockchain cashless currencies

lets hope 2000s phds reconnect with neural network algorirhms core to Neuman's last notes on Computer & Brain

Tifts polar collaboratory climate and shared ed solutions of peoples native to arctic circle match attenborough's lifetime prescience also a Kinhg Charles and Japan Emperor natural science ai focus

Least common debating forum with additional vetoes are not the way ri mediated deep data of turing, large language models convergence on natural science intel of neumann let alone collaboratory ed3 (evld with deep personal learning agency) vision of einsten and nrainworking

Intelligence WhY -can real humaNS & MACHINES DEEP LEARN WITH EACH OTHER?

 In 2001, famous silicon valleys (led by Jobs & Gates , Yangs, Doehhrs) asked Fazle Abed how women of Bangladesh had built the 8th most populous nation 1971-2001 with practically no carbon emissions and starting with below zero foreign exchange (Henry Kissingers Basket Case)

He explained how this nation 90% of which had no access to electricity had focised on community businesses linking what were later called the primary sdgs

1 finance to end poverty

2 last mile food to end starvation

3 last mile health services to bring life expectancy up from 25 below average to about 7 below average

4 lifelong livelihood education opportunities

5 valuing women's safety and productivity and family building

100000 people communities had been built by 15000 mothers at a time (whilst not having access to electrivity rural people are densely populated in bangladesh so Fazle Abed had started by rebuilding the homes of 15000 families that lived within about 3 miles of each other. The war of independence had turned his home region into something that resembled a refogee camp. Fortunately as former regional CEO for Royal utch Shell he knew how to build 15000one room vilsage homes at the least cost but to withstand extreme local weather and with pit latrines as sanitation

Life critical solutions were designed as extremely samall but positive cashflow enterprises that the mothers could operate eg rice (abed was able to find 10 times more locally productive rice4 than had been used before and eg with one mother in 300 operating a door dash (by foot) selling the 10 most basic medicines and healthcareitems. Abed would became the nations largest wholsaler of these so he could both ensure the lowest prices, the best quality and make a nationwide profit which was invested as a trust in womens development building

When Bangladesh's Rural Advance Cooperation pitched for a grant it focused on a solution needed by many neighboring countries. Fortunately Bangladesh on 1970s was able to deliver one world classinnovation -oral rehydration- this saved up to a third of infants from dying of diarrhea. Abed pitched this in a year of child competion organised by Unicef. It not only won the cmpettion but Unilever's James Grant valued this so much that he sponsore brac to train vilage mothers nationwide while open sourcing this to neighboring tropical reasons making sure they knew where ORD had come from. Neigboration nations started swappong their solutions for free - particularly where ever cop science yielded most productive seeds. BRAC became know by partners as the most coopertive sokution inventir for SDGS 1 to 5 - see

Mrs Jobs is reputed to have asked Abed how can silicon valley help make sure women fighting poverty the world over can see your (intelligence) solutions. Abed said he would start a university if families like the jobs would find coleges with female graduates wanting to share solutins Jobs sid he might be able to do more - effectively design a university in a mobile phone

So it was that womens intelligebce inspired valley's leading families The Gates went ob to include abed in Global health challenges - it turned out as well as oral rehydration his communities had discovered the most effective local intelligence for services designed to end village tuberculosis and ththis was integral to the global approach to minimise death by aids. The yang family led the integration of womens intelliugence into stanfird and broadened this to youth led intelligence networking - eg Ng and Koler were to build corsera moocs; the yang family built an interdisvipliary tech lab and sponsred the yahoo chair in 100 times more computational tech (semicoductirs) from 2004; and together they headhunted Fei-Fei Li's arrival in Stanfird in 2009.

Aned had also shared maps of the futures his vilage women entreoreneusr saw. They would experiment with sdilar andf mobile developing leapfrg models. But oberall Abed clarified as well as maximising love/safety ow women community building 3 chngaes would be needed over the first 25 years of the 21st C

Go green

Unite trading infrastructures

Seek peace by understanding ocean land and climate muraual adaptation responsibilities

At we try to map the worlds of AI-WHY which stanfird's ecosystem has become world number in sharing be this with the world's poorest vilaf=gersd or anywhere that what the UN has caled 17 sdgs since 2015. When silicon valey hosted their intelliugence excahnges withfazle abed in 2001 it was his 65th birthday wish party. I was hugely privilieged to attend his 80th birthday wish party spring 2016 during the furst year of the sdgs. There we herad that Melinda Gates and Fei-Fei Li were about to help Guterres roadmap UN 2.0 -. Of course this would challenge the world's ability to design partnerships but by 2016 BRAC's partners was in the middle of the worlds largest cashless bank bkash, and Abed was spending his last few years uniting campuses whever female engineering graduates viosioned how blendin real and arificial intel could be the most excing ganes humans ever play eg Sheika MOza's women campus in qatar

Have a look at these Familes Yamiles Mr and Mrs Yang, Gates paricularly Melinda, Mrs Steve JObs (sadly Steve died but not before he gave world mobile phones and had delevered commecemt sppech at stafird on Youth AI)


Consider whether eg Priscilla Chan's philathropy can help lead eg biotech - both google and facebook in mountian viw might lead some of the shared solutions open sourced by Hassabis 250 million proteins

At his early 2024 brifing, the adminstartor of the gates fund inducated that wgile Mrs Bezos innovation approach to philanthropy didnt necessarily fit eg gates' vaccine challenges, its worth stdying.

2001 end poverty's 7 intergenenerational investment crises - 50 year review of NET's foresight

 In 1951 NET (Neumann-Einstein-Turing) briefed Keynesian Economics journalists on 7 foreseeable crises of their legacy of brainworking engineering- see also biographies of neumann; and 1984's 2025 reporting timelines. Crises & overall state of digital worldwide

clean energy & peace for all  -not yet understood way Smithian morality of trading off nature-made and engineering's artificial man-made -requires pririority transformation of multilateral systems to unite 8 billion beings

above zero-sum economists/world trade maps - although digital cooperation offers means to celebrate way above zero-sum dynamics of sharing life critical knowhow through every locality - this keynesian economics hippocratic oath (see last chapter general theory money interest employment) not widely accepted by profession

decolonial intelligence celebrated locally to globally- at some stage beyond slave-trading empire era, most nations have needed to go decolonial- are we openly benchmarking future herstory's contextual successes/failures in doing this for all the peoples (eg integration of futures most waned by beings whom history (who got chanes to innovate/scale with each type of engine 1760s (physica power, citizen automation), 1850s (transporation, communications ITU switzerland world epicentre fro 1865, electricity frid structures, 1950s NET's post-industrial win-wins ) has trapped as poorest , youth, female, colored

personalised education/livelihood agency for all (transformation of intelligence for all as lifelong students and mentors) - to be foundational soul of 21st C and each 100 times more data transformation satellite telecoms standrard -eg 3G ITU 2001, 4G ITU around 2009; 5G to be futurised into gov2.0 when millennials goals chartered eg from 2015 -west's one promising space - both 1984 designers of personal computing steve jobs and bill gates helping host silicon valley 65th birthday wish parties of fazle abed envoy/entrepreneurial revolution microfranchise designer connecting femal bottom billion of asian pyramid

transformation of 1000 mother tongue language cultures so humans advance as nature's best evolutionary species- clarified in the 1957 NET's last lecture notes computer, brain, neural networking -will humans AI exponentially rise just-in-time- requires servant leadership congruent to next para

transformation of foundational data of intelligence architecture - can we map bottom-up community solutions bottom billion women have founded 1 end-poverty<>2 end hunger/dehydration<>3 basic last mile health for all-ie raise life expectancy to sixties or more everywhere<>Einstein's personalised education agency to resolve digital divides?<>mothers valuation of safe homes and productive family generation versus 3 main transnational transformation maps - millennials livelihoods need to be 80% green; infrastructure needs end externalisation of risks at borders; who's stewardship of land and water fits autonomisation age of world-deep governance integrated at every gps; 

overall transformational attention will need UN LLM (as forseen by von neumann)- as yet public broadcast media failing in 1984's hoped for handover from fake broadcasrting to smart wbe 3,2,1 media - see - WorldRecordJobs student union debates since 2007,  friends of 2025 reporting genre and, 23-24 and King Charles AI world series

autonomistaion transparency of purposeful expoenetial of every trillion dolar market sectot