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Friday, December 31, 1999

?crowther greatest journalist intelligence of 20th C (well newspaper era...)

previously : crowther 

previously how citiens lost their investment in the bbc

Artificial Ignorances 1,2 of 7 also published as our last series of linkedin articles July 2023

Chris Macrae MA DAMTP Cantab
Year 73 EconomistDiary.ocm End Artificial Ignorances

This is one of my last 7 linkedin newsletters after which will move to googlegroups As a mathematician. extinction would be the biggest maths failure ever. But note we can find maths and tech wizards who gave us solutions, somehow mass ignorance drowned out sharing their ideas.

Let me be frank , any journalist conducting an interview encouraging chat that ai cause extinction is so illiterate (artificial means man-made - so yes of course ever since einstein's invention of nuclear we have needed to regulate mad men) or is working for such a hateful network that you and I can't afford to waste a second with such trash.

Technologies are both our only salvation as well as our biggest risk WE can use a augmentation brain tool like bard to save or end the world. I am lucky; every person I have known well in 72 years of life want to help the savers. Architect Intel is a simple enough game if thats your cup of tea.

Over 72 years to my modest brain's awareness, and 180 years to eg editor crowther, has been trying to change massive or top down ignorance into intelligence thanks to spirits like queen victoria in her 20s (1843 start of Economist) and in our knowable vision the most transparent place leader of all English spoken time: Queen Elizabeth 2. So the first 2 ignorances as we see them are :

  1. about muddling the queens english with american's academic scribblers and lack of inclusion of another first 999 languages of large language mediation;
  2. and muddling the intelligence needs of the bottom of the pyramid billion women 1billiongirls & girlsworldbank (one eighth of the world's brains) versus needs of the top 100 billionaires. By definition if your only audit metric is making paper money, then even when the bottom billion's knowledge leads UN goal 1 end poverty and empowering community grounded connectiond you will never value their solutions because guess what one billion times 2 dollars per day doesnt show up in growth of worldwide GNps. If you think about spending 8 billion beings time - eg what education does both with youth and teachers, its positive emotions of relationships like trust which supports visionary development of human brains.

In the queens english, artificial applied to engines means man made. So if you are a citizen don;t take the badmouthed media bait- you dont need to regulate ai, youi need to do good ai and help each other end ignorance. If you mean government should have had totally different policies on massive media ever since tele scaled, then thats fair to ask for that. But 2023's sudden regulate intelligence is about as dumbing down as down without deep data context can be73 years every time people like peter drucker have started conversations like how do americans lead in going post-industrial other academics turn the debate round to the opposite that peter started with. Loom for example at xmas 1976 issue of Economist on Entrepreneurial Revolution. We could start summing up the 10 green bottles as the future head of the EU romano prodi did back in 1976.

1 left versus right loses relevance at exponential speed the more the democratic question is who is empowering all the peoples with brain tools versus who is designing tools for the richest brains only. ...

Last week as Americans celebrates kennedy's 64th year of worldwide interdependence and the 248th of independence (which I as a diaspora scot gleefully understand as my fellow clans were colonised by london from 1710. We scots folk had been stupid (lack of info) enough to let a handful of people bankrupt scotland by trying to dig the panama canal 50 years before scots invented physical engine power) - you may see why diaspora scots prefer celebrating positive connections between any of 8 billion beings prepared to sing auld lang zyne than any other party invitation

That ignorances like the above could cause extinction of our species may be future shocking to you but that was why Neumann and friends spent hos last 6 years trying to mentor worldly journalists that economics no longer existed as a true system mapping skill without asking what goods will peoples unite wherever they are fortunate to get first access to innovating with 100 times more tech per decade

back in the first 3 decades after the deaths of neuman einstein turing kennedy, the 100 times multiplier per decade was demonstrated eg my team moore with silicon chip capacity or whomever you see as the team that developed satellites or container shipping for all the peoples to connect; when i joined my father in subrditing future innovations in the early 1980s - see eg 1984's 2025 report. the value exponentislsd were multiplying echh other; its probably the case that those who eg access bard chat are ovee the next decade playing with a million times more connectivity; thats no reason for stopping the good and deep communal from inviting cooperations mapped around anything we (or the human AI) can all see needs doing ; women that i have chatted to in 16 trips to bangladesh are very good at seeing what impacts growing food or sustaining health of thiur kids; you cant really do good as unless you deepy live in communities share the data needs to be integrated.

There are answers to ending the two ignorances of measuring everything by counting up paper money and abusing english with academics redefining pieces that break holistic system maps; trouble is if you even knew the 5 most basic truths einstein gave to the world, you would see as he tried to host out of geneva in 1920 transnational cooperation needed to be grounded round nature's operating systems which are ground up and do not even see where man has drawn administrative boundaries; all the biggest administrative boundaries in the world need rechecking eg by good ai as thats where manmade risks are exponentially multiplying

more at iand with friends at we are happy to chat to anyone with questions; i am here to learn too; but there is no point trying to change 2 mathematical concerns i have : queens english eg what bard 1 is training bard 2 to double check roots of; and believing in paper world's 100% correct examinations; 100& coorect doesnt exist in a dvcacde when of a million times more tech chnage.

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