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Sunday, January 26, 1992

blomberg live by & global

 our Agenda:

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 | 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

9:30 AM - 12:35 PM | Morning Mainstage Session
1:45 PM - 5:00 PM | Afternoon Mainstage Session

9:30 AM EDT - Welcome Remarks

  • Meg Szabo, Senior Editor, Bloomberg Green & Sustainability Events

9:35 AM EDT - Zurich Sponsor Spotlight: The Sum of All Actions 

  • Mario Greco, Group Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Insurance Company 
  • Sebastião Salgado, Photographer & Founder, Instituto Terra

9:40 AM EDT - Leaders with Lacqua Goes Green: Gina McCarthy

  • Gina McCarthy, National Climate Advisor, The White House
  • Moderator: Francine Lacqua, Editor-At-Large & Anchor, Bloomberg TV

10:05 AM EDT - Forging a Regenerative Food System

  • Rachel Drori, CEO, Daily Harvest
  • Ricky Silver, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Daily Harvest
  • Moderator: Carol Massar, Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek TV & Radio

10:30 AM EDT - Electrifying Ithaca: Accelerating Urban Decarbonization

  • Luis Aguirre-Torres, Director of Sustainability, City of Ithaca, NY
  • Donnel Baird, CEO, BlocPower
  • Tommy Freeman, Strategic Partnerships, Alturus
  • Taylor Rowe, Director of Customer & Capital Partnerships, The Clean Fight
  • Moderator: Amanda Kolson Hurley, Editor, Bloomberg Green

11:00 AM EDT - JLL Partner Spotlight: Return on Sustainability

  • Greg Bolino, Global Head of Sustainability Strategy & Asset Consulting, JLL
  • Moderator: Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green

11:10 AM EDT - Networking Break

11:30 AM EDT - Green Eyes in the Skies: Accelerating Climate Action

  • Rebecca Moore, Director, Google Earth, Earth Engine & Outreach

11:45 AM EDT - Changemaker Conversation: Quantumscape  

  • Jagdeep Singh, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman, QuantumScape 
  • Moderator: Akshat Rathi, Reporter, Bloomberg Green

12:05 PM EDT - General Motors Partner Spotlight: The All-Electric Future Must Also Be All-Inclusive

  • Hina Baloch, Executive Director, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Sustainability, Data Analytics & STEM Education Communications, General Motors
  • Moderator: Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green

12:15 PM EDT - Changemaker Conversation: EVgo 

  • Cathy Zoi, CEO, EVgo
  • Moderator: Kyle Stock, Senior Correspondent, Bloomberg Green

12:35 PM EDT - Morning Mainstage Programming Concludes

1:45 PM EDT - How Quickly Can Renewable Energy Power the World? 

  • Javier Blas, Energy & Commodities Columnist, Bloomberg Opinion
  • Liam Denning, Energy Columnist, Bloomberg Opinion
  • Moderator:Jennifer Zabasajja, Anchor, Bloomberg Quicktake

2:10 PM EDT - iShares Sponsor Spotlight: The Next Generation of Investment Trends: We’ve Only Scratched the Surface

  • Armando Senra, Head of iShares Americas, BlackRock
  • Moderator: Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green

2:15 PM EDT - The Next Era of Carbon Removal

  • Danny Cullenward, Policy Director, CarbonPlan
  • Nan Ransohoff, Head of Climate, Stripe
  • Peter Reinhardt, CEO & Co-Founder, Charm Industrial 
  • Moderator: Akshat Rathi, Reporter, Bloomberg Green

2:45 PM EDT - How I Got That Story 

  • Alex Anaviapik, Elementary School Counselor, Pond Inlet, Nunavut
  • Andrew Arreak, Regional Operations Lead, Qikiqtaaluk Region – Pond Inlet    SmartICE
  • Shelly Elverum, Fellow, Ashoka Canada 
  • Moderator: Danielle Bochove, Toronto Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News

3:05 PM EDT - Holcim Partner Spotlight: Circular Cities for Climate Action

  • Jan Jenisch, CEO, Holcim 
  • Moderator: Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green 

3:15 PM EDT - Networking Break

3:35 PM EDT - Changemaker Conversation: Jim Coulter 

  • Jim Coulter, Founder Partner & Executive Chairman, TPG
  • Moderator: Jason Kelly,  Chief Correspondent, Bloomberg QuickTake

4:00 PM EDT - The Earthshot Prize's Winning Climate Fix

  • Vaitea Cowan, Co-Founder, Enapter

4:10 PM EDT - Ralph Lauren Sponsor Spotlight: The Timelessness of Circular Design

  • Halide Alagöz, Chief Product and Sustainability Officer, Executive Sponsor of North Carolina D&I Team, Ralph Lauren
  • Moderator: Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green

4:15 PM EDT - Prepare for Takeoff: The Electric Aviation Era

  • Kyle Clark, Founder, BETA Technologies

4:30 PM EDT - The Power of Storytelling

  • David Sirota, Award-Winning Journalist & Bestselling Author
  • Moderator: Eric Roston, Reporter, Bloomberg Green 

4:55 PM - Closing Remarks

  • Meg Szabo, Senior Editor, Bloomberg Green & Sustainability Events

5:00 PM - Programming Concludes 

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