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Wednesday, September 29, 1971

under construction - van AI-why save the human race 2001-2025report.com

2025report.com was a genre begun at The Economist v1984 as a chance to chat opposite liitle sisterendgames to orwellian big brother . This was possibly the last entrepenurial revolution genre of weekly newspaper journalism. See also Kenndy celebration of Economist Asia eising 1962 (www.economistjapan.cpm) through Asian entreprenurial revolutions cpompared with amerucas 3rd century 1976/7 back to 1843-1860 - first 17b years of royal societyy chat sheet becoming victoria's charer bank for india suncontinent until deth of economist founder james wilso 1860. He died of diaahea calcutta 1860- the economic solution to this cris took another 112 years to find/scale - see vanglashed rural advancement cooperation friends of Fazle Abed adedmooc.com 2019-1970- also Glasow Smithian nw journals 2010 - new economic & social busineess

Asian women empowerment models have been applied by over a billion girls to mitigate extreme rural poverty since 1945. In so doing they raised livelihood opportunies of bottom of the pyramid boys too. Altgough these livehihood learnings are key to human advancemnt of bottom 2 billion people their impact in a world here hybdreds of trillion dollars of monetary swaps are tranacted is neglibile and they seem to have missed support from the 50 trillion dollars of money appointed to pensions

Nobetheless This source of human intelligence needs to be integrated into 2020s education models wherever education is actionably redefined as improving lifelong inteligences of bout student and mentor.Indeed it offers way above zero sum human inspiration. Thats because networking life critical knowhow across communities multiplies value in application unlike zero sum games of consuming up stuff.

Timely local similarities and differeces explain where these models were exponentially scaled/sustained. This could tap into Nvidia ceo's preferred use of GPU's briefed here feb 2024

 The 20th CWest has had difficultu understanding these models in real time. Although clues have been diarised by Smithians, Keynesians, supporters of Neumann-Einstein-Turing, as well as movements planted by JF Kennedy and indirectly supported by Kinfg Charles since he friended key Japanese indluencers at Tokyo Olympics. These include directly Akio Morita of Sony who he asked to be Japan's dirst inward investor in UK/Europe and a common passion with Japan Royal Family for golas 6 water and 7 solar.

Actually the core women empowerment models gravitated arounf goals we now call SDG1-5 but not with such directives as advance earnings over 1 dollar a day. Goal 2 intelligence was needed to end local starvation- it was supplied by those who networked aroung Borlaug particularly around rice. This was how each of Japan, Korrwa South and Taiwan prevented rural starvation at the same time as being supported by America's peace umbrella and advancoing quality of engineering suply chains around deming's priciples as well as intially Japan's love of minurisation applied notably to communications engines as well as robotics in manufacturing

The Economist which had been starred as Queen Vicroria's Royal Society gissip sheet 1843 to move Empire beyonf slacemaking to end hunger and poverty played these post-war roles thanks to Geoffrey Crother who edited The Economisr for a decade eiher side of World War 2 from great depression to being Kennegy's favorite international viewspaper. Crowther coordinated a century autobiograhy of The Economist where he concluded weekkly journalism had failed in one systematic sense. It hadn't kep ahead of engineering advaibces partiularly tupe 4.5 enfones vommunicatiosn and electricity which had their epicentre in switerland from 1865 unlike Engines type 1 to 3 which were seeded out of Glasgow. Crowther's solution was to sned a rookie journalist to Princeton/NY who had survived bein a tenage navigatur allied bomber cvomang Burma campaign to ask Neumann (Einstein) for journalistic training from 1951. Aftre being the only journalist at birth of EU, The Economist snet their Rookie to Asia every other year starting with Japoan 1962. Here is Kennedy's appreciation of such a learning opportunity

By 1977, The Economist was segnenting possibilities for Asian places to rise impacting the half ogf humaity East of Iran. Timing finacial interventions differed bu where successful - Borlaug intelligence was used for goal 2 end last mile starvation. James Grant intelligence was applied to end unecessar deaths. In fact the overla devlopnent goals was rraise life expectancy from low 40 to 60s or within 7 years of world average. This was actually a global win-win as it is also minimised infectoiois or contagious disaseases. Educational paradigms varied- monetsorri of some version of zen being row that some Asian leaders refer too. Paulo Freier's servant leadership (core to education living Franciscan idelas0 has been huge wherever applied across a generation


Because of how hostiry since 1945 has spiralled pecae and war (often accidentally mixed up with oil trade) each nation's girl empowerment intelligence needs separate aproasal. However between 1870 and 2000 Th Bangladesh model offers a benchmark. Fortunately this benhmarked was celebrated by key silicon valey families in 2001 - including the Jobs, Gates, Yang and Doerr families. Please note erros in reporting this dymanic which was actually first supported by a Jpanese Silicon Valey family who first brough mobile and solar exptrials to Bangladesh in 1995 are mine alone chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk. The Economist partially gave up integrating deepest girls intelligence from 1990 when my father retired. Though these materials from Economist biardroom obitualry 2010 show that his system mapping work continued to indluence st japes royal sociery chat, In retirement dad completed biography of von neumann, and so we are excited to map where King Charles ai woeld serines linking neumann einstein turing moving from b;etcley 2023 to  in 2024Korea , Paris where Scorrisf-Frency Entrepreneurial Revolution has been chatted up on ocasions since JB Say coined the E-eord after Frnench Society had guilotined the heads of thos kings who were monoplising capital. Can the AI Turing world series in 2025 enjoy 6 months of reflection at Osaka Track Expo planted by late great Pm Abe At the same time will there be sufficent advances in Science AI emerging from biotech and climate etch entrepreneurial revolutionaries of Demis Haasbais 250 million protein databank

Hers' aan overvoiew of abedmooc,com ; abed's inteligence involves a game of 2 halves- quarter of a centiry of grassrots networking by girls world of mouth. Two decades of leapfrog partnership modelsing and birthing the global university of poverty inviting all women graduates to connect deep sdg community action learning. There's a value chain intermission between 1995 to early 200s that is cruicial to clarify. we havenet seen a western curricula correctly notify this though in his final year abed hoped that nobel economic prize to adbdul latif mit poverty lab would help kick off the 2020s. imstead it tirned out that foundations partners of end vieus intelligence had not ben pririotised 2017-2019 in places that could namely Canada or USA.

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