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Thursday, August 6, 1970

Kai Fu Lee

 Kai Fu Lee wroyte a best-seller on AI 5 yeras ago. In my mind it bareely mentiond the 4 biggest deals human AI is haviung 2020s moments on :

totally chnaging universdities

offereing supportres of UN Guetterres - last chnace at SDGs

Doing millions of hours of science woirk as a gift to help humans leap ahead - eg deep mind alpha 2 open source of 200000 proteins database

LLMs with plugins are the new web3 gazumping the metaverse and those who assumed augmented reality was the gateway to changing 2020s media

each of these is a very large subject and in many cases connects the lae 16 yeras of tech canage in many areas but it just happend human ai is the connector - eg of open sourcing ip (blockchain good) or ed3 - see - the un year 22-23 was accoridng to elader guterres year of accepting edu no longer fit for purpose - how fcan we all change it? unfortunately ed exerts didnt really talk to deep ai ex[erst so the UN still hasnt leap forwarf in education since guttrres becemae leader as it has in AIfprgood 

what kai fu lee book did do:showed what big oragsiatiosn were doing in colecting almost all human data from gsp and designing algorithms maximisng their busienss context; this raised the question what do the 95+% of s who dont work in loargest digital data cruckhers do- and may i suf=gegsdt ai 2023's moments probbaly offere th answer

another interesting rrason for celebrating kai-fu lee is arguably up to 2017 he had deepest view of botyh us and china ai having originally been google'sd man in china and having see the great engineering schools of beif=jing transform tehse last 15 yera- frankly i am not interested in weapond ai apart from preventing t from harming my peoples; i am very interested in community susstiaing solutions - eg those jack ma had bene popularisising - nthat the world's youth everywhere needed to know existed

so its realy interesdting to track how kai fu lee covers 2023sai as he is one of about 3 worldwide peopel I am asware of who can probaly tell you whats what from a curioity veiwpoint unbiassed by whaever ntional comoetition mens- quite why we are nationally competing until we have collabratively saved climate etc - I dunno but them I am just a disapora sco0t and so congenitally unable to engage in national leadership that seems in many cases stuck in colonial empire era- and is certainly not address ing the 4 big chalenges for millennaisl that V Neumann firts trained my family and freinds on in 1951

if you do want to double your vision with west and far east goowll as well as kai fai you might loook atbthe colleges of li ka shing foubdation(probabky hong h=kong most impactfil) philanthrios comare that with - conside browsing dr jin at lse and aiib president jin in beijing, look at henry wang of cgg and see what houlin zhao is doming after 25 years geneeva ITU Un, as well as keep eye out in case jack ma is alowee to get back to worldwide youth entrepreneurship and his version of good ai

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