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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Keynes last lecture notes - who exponentially locks in what futures are humanly possible?

Keynes' survey inspires us to launch let's launch AiGames 7-in-one visionaries of futures humans most urgently need intelligence to co-create Here's a first card to play -please tell us if you have 7-in-one best for millennials intelligences to share

REF: last chapter of Keynes General Theory of Money, Interest, Employment 

INTRO TO AI SEVENS GAME -who's 7 in 1 who for Very Good Intel? We'd love to hear your sevens- - This test-card. It roots us in visioning the most extraordinary innovation multipliers  (royal) societies (even the Language model of King's English) and their capital cities may ever see.

Field chats on : NET, King Charles AI World Series, on Li-Hassabis-Huang


From 1943 Keynes question became core to journalism at The Economist. In addition to the weekly newspaper, editor Geoffrey Crowther took on the unique opus- The Economist Centenary Autobiography !943-1843. The Economist had been founded by London-Scot James Wilson 1843 as Royal Society Chat Sheet intent on supporting Queen Victoria transforming constitution from Slavemaker's Empire to Commonwealth. The 20s something Queen was motivated not to go the way of Royalty across the channel. She accepted Wilson's first advice to get rid of MP's supporting landowners Corn Laws who were starving the Irish by fixing a minimum price for sale of corn. Footnote 1

Crowther's key question 1943 100 Year review of Economics system design out of London: How had system design actually resulted in 2 world wars. Crowther concluded economists and journalists had failed to stay proactively ahea of what engineeers co-create 

 By 1951, The Economist had started training its journalists around the innovation revolutions of Neumann Einstein Turing, designers of engines type 6 brainworking.7 autonomous governance

We ask Gemini would 50 billion dollars suffice to design an LLM that focused entirely on nature's science consequences- given this is how Einstein changes all system mapping games from around 1920 with his publication that newton science/maths was an approximation - which doesn't work at all the more nano you study nature's dynamic games.

Footnote 1  What happened next - James was assigned Charter Bank by Victoria to go bank by and for the quarter of world's people on subcontinent of India. Year 1 went well. IN 1860, Year 2, James died of diarrhea. It was to take 112 yeras before a place and banking systems was built by women empowered iwth intel on how oral rehydration prevents diarrhea for killing third of infants in tropical villages. 

Footnote 2
100 years update to Einstein

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