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Sunday, June 25, 2023

alpha2 ai sgd 2 food


α2 ai sdg2 food borlaug, abed, chandler, yuan longpin - good old grassroots networking through village -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               billions fed with green revolution crop science origin borlaug (see eg world food prize) - at least a billion people from 1945 would have starved without alumni networks began by borlaug; in asia where about 65% of people live, rice is the dominant staple crop and at least 10 times more local production is possible with best seed for conditions; after world war 2 japan made such a leap with borlaug's tech that 1) tacitly it may already have been applying some of his knowhow; anywhere that saw what japan could do exchanged knowhow stating with south korea and taiwan; overall american chandler coordination of rice association IRRI (philippines) and veggie institute (taiwan)  AVRDC     may have multipliied east asia knowhow    -in china  yuan longpin is recognied- when he died recently china had 800000 rice variety specs accessible from local libraries; overall borlaug's revolutions arrved in south asia bangladesh with fazle abed partners  from 1972 - see also martha chen's recount published as quiet revootion (women empowerment's birth in asia) - she was abed family's first employee ; she is one of 2 people at harvard whose case studies on asian empowerment end poverty match my 60 trips to Asia and dad's 40 - the other is late great ezra vogel- I cant wait for an asian llm to re-verify asian development miracles since 1945 as bill gates has said harvard may be great but deep global viilage cases end poverty- nope that not what law or mastering business admin encounters  35:53NOW PLAYINGBill Gates Harvard Commencement Address 2007

Borlaug's labs had been in Mexico but as far as Africa sharing in the green revolution. sadky the EU's common agricultural policy from 1962 largely blocked Africa from win-wins of staple foods

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