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Saturday, April 29, 2023

  BetaAfrica 1  Mandela, Maathai, Roy, Kirrane- in association with

While Africa has multitudes of young heroic intelligences - perhaps these 4 peoples Intelligence for Africa are worthy of global good connectivity

Few people would dispute Mandela as one of the most intelligent leaders in living memory. Africans can double their pride with Wangaari Maathai being arguably the origin of climate adaptation practice networks with her green belt movement.The Green Belt Movement is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded in 1977 by Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmentalist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The Green Belt Movement's mission is to plant trees, promote environmental conservation, and empower women. Here's a script if you feel communities worldwide missing maathai intelligence now Wanted-Student-Union-Club-DEEPYOUTHMINDS.docx   since 2006 reeta roy as established mastercard foundation as the largest fund of its type helping afrucan youth design livelihoods and good futures across africa; the fund has mirrored optimal choices fazle abed would make in africa and has emerged from how powerful teenage women can be if you unite them in one continent wide entrepreneurship netoirk

Kirrane is an irishman in brussels who hosts youth actiob african science summits at same time/place as big politics or un summits

Mandela built on the same logics that Gandhi had applied at the start of the 20th C. Gandhi travelled from India's NW coast as a teenager to become qualified as a barrister at the Bar of London. He had hoped that he would learn more than any university in India could offer in the 19th century. He was shocked how often white classmates wer drunk by tea time- and spent his evening hosting transnational culture clubs. On return to India the catch 22 was influential clients preferred to pay for an English barrister rather than the one solitary Indian. During a few years of underemployment he also contributed essays on the Empire to a local newspaper Then the Diaspora found him work in South Africa. By accident he became internationally famous - reuters had dispatched some of Gandhi's local stories to London which started chat on whats he doing to India and Africa. In reality Gandhi was busy until his forties not particularly successfully representing diaspora businesses in S Africa that were increasingly losing to racist legislation

It was from 1906 that Gandhi became a model which Mandela was to become Africa's leading exemplar of more than half a century later. In 1906, Gandhi was thrown off a train for having the wrong color skin in spite of a ticket to travel in first class. The peny dropped that he was a professional of the law that was constraining the lives of all his peoples especially back home in India.Whilst Gandhi is known for his peaceful resistane movements, he also deterrmined that it would be smart to design a total change in education systems before accelerating his calls for indeendence. This he experimented with both in Tolstoy Farm and what became "accidentally" a college on a ship. On several occasions gandi completed the 3 legged trip - mumbai to durban, s africa to london, london to mumbai through 1926. News of the opportunity to spend quality time with gandhi started attracting informal alumni groups as well as regenrating what had been his huge student club in London. By the mid 1920s, Gandhi was arguably one of the world's most famous people. On the educational front, Maria Montessori became his village schools partner in India and ashrams in India extended the vocational communities started by Tolstoy Farm (which Mandela was later a youthful member of)

While there is a lot of work needed to be a peaceful and successful (non violent revolution leaders), here we'd like to include this bard explanation of ubuntu -it suggests that Gandhi learnt more from Africa than perhaps even his intellectual student days in London---of course its the interactions of many such deep experiences which make him what Einstein has called the benchmark of sustainable leadership

Ubuntu is one of the practice philosophies associated with Mandela. Whilst i believe it may be mainly a tribal tradition, does it appear to have also been impacted by Mandela's network and experiential learning from Gandhi

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