Scot James Wilson dies in year 2 of chartering taxes & financial services piloting Queen Victoria's vision commonwealth across india subcontinent - 112 year later fazle abed and 1billiongirls picked up where James parted; by now Economist was in 22nd year of Von Neumann AI survey ...INTEL of week 4/24 "Cyber-Physical Internet (CPI): Sending and receiving manufactured products just like sending and receiving instant messages" host UN

Latest news. from UN Guterres+30 - CEB
In tribute to 8 billion humans cooperations during covid our diary reserves 2020 for upcoming global village zoom innovations of digital futures for humanity, and we celebrate 2021 with updating aide memoire of what college students (& millennial generation & bottom of pyramid cooperation networkers) need to help the UN empower however much the establishment tries to drown them in debt or ban them from accessing the greatest brain cooperation tools to be evolving in 8th decade of Neumann AI multipliers where the analytical capacity of artificial brains outpaces the humans by many orders of magnitude but the ability of humans to advance each other and prevent extinction is only as good as the depth of data mapped
how to mix web3 for sustainability - good blockchain- good chatgpt; sdg storytellers on metaverse- daos for sdgs -eg DG4 -world class brands on 5th decade of chartering brand leaders for sustainability - at the start of 1990s we challenged 20th C media experts not to get involved with greenwashing - see the brand architecture practice we established
why not help millennials assemble AI's most exciting partnerships (2023.1 ) around the UN (2020)?

Monday, April 3, 2023

update on women led investments in development

the work of sheikha moza is extraordinary and needs its own space; its also exciting to see qatar with ireland is lead un mission in new yprk preparing the sdgs summit september 2023...

huge fan of how reeta roy has grown mastercard foundation - she has connected much of bostons best village mobile entrepreneurs since grafuating from tufts and for some time out of toronto where 2g technology eg blackberry relevant to eg mpesa generation models hubbed- she folowed teh extrordinary innovations by the quadur family and thence fazle abed; it will be fasinating to see if her knowledge and that of 2023 candidate Banga for world bank get a chance to multiply

 Very interested in invstment foci of mrs steve jobs and the chnages in foci of the recently divorcced mrs gates and mrs bezos (ms mackenzie scott)

chatgpt offers these views  of ms mackenzie scott

  1. he Equality Can't Wait Challenge: In 2020, MacKenzie Scott partnered with the Pivotal Ventures team at Melinda Gates' investment firm to launch the Equality Can't Wait Challenge. The initiative aims to fund and support organizations working to advance gender equality in the United States.

  2. Seeding Sovereignty: Seeding Sovereignty is a nonprofit organization that focuses on Indigenous sovereignty and land rights, as well as environmental justice. MacKenzie Scott donated $4 million to the organization in 2020.

  3. Racial Equity 2030: In partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, MacKenzie Scott is supporting the Racial Equity 2030 initiative, which aims to address systemic racism through a series of large-scale grants.

and these of Ms Laurene Powell Jobs

  1. Emerson Collective: Emerson Collective is a social change organization founded by Laurene Powell Jobs that focuses on a range of issues, including education, immigration, and the environment. The organization uses a range of strategies, including impact investing, grantmaking, and advocacy, to advance its goals.

  2. College Track: College Track is a nonprofit organization founded by Laurene Powell Jobs that focuses on increasing college access and success for low-income and underrepresented students. The organization provides a range of services, including academic tutoring, college counseling, and leadership development.

  3. XQ Institute: XQ Institute is a nonprofit organization founded by Laurene Powell Jobs that focuses on transforming American high schools to better prepare students for the future. The organization supports a range of initiatives, including curriculum development, teacher training, and community engagement.

news on melinda gates (as well as her early interest in compiling pledges) seems to be emerging ..

In 2015, she founded Pivotal Ventures, which invests in for-profit and non-profit companies with a view to improving women’s lives in the US. Her 2019 book, The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World, She is contributing to contributes to Co-Impact’s Gender Fund and recently announced her support for not-for-profit social enterprise Harambee.
The Financial Times mentions her interests in a new breed of collaboratives but one would need to check which she is in : CLIMATE The Hive Fund for Climate & Gender Justice Climate Leadership Initiative Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund GENDER Black Feminist Fund International Trans Fund Global Fund for Women RACIAL EQUITY Pop Culture Collaborative The New Breath Foundation The African Visionary Fund Liberated Capital SOCIAL JUSTICE Pulsante Amazon Defenders Fund Blue Meridian Partners YOUTH Visionary Freedom Fund The Firelight Foundation The New Schools Venture Fund

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