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Thursday, January 1, 1970

Keynes last lesson - no economist can compound more than 1 purpose
- corollary as seconded by climate czar kerry at jan 2021-at glasgow cop26 lets demand any corporate leader maps purpose of leading market sector
- The 21st c Economist alphabet of purposes :
AI Bank Diary Food Green Health ...

probably the 2 most human arguments my father (norman macrae) made in sub-editing over 2000 leaders in the economist for most of the second half of the 20th century

-1) health builds sustainable economies not vice versa- two trillion dollar debates on health most concerning father:
in least developing countries, nothing is more important to a place's future than raising average life expectancy from 40s to 60s; what matters is a country's opportunity to develop round 40 years of productive life instead of 20; the average life expectancy of least developed countries hides the amount of focus needed on child and maternal health;

2) how tech and particularly von neumans ai impacts health will determine species survival or extinction- this is an exponential challenge - by 2025 or 2030 at the outside we will likely know if mother earth still values our species

what diary events in 2021 do you recommend interacting in 2021 to progress the human lot?
============================= asks: has any american has been loved as much worldwide as james grant? he valued poorest children -their health, their freedom/communities to grow up safe and happily curious- everywhere -especially where huge youth populations were struggling with poverty's chains - making unicef a solutions branch perhaps unlike any un branch before or since

my personal opinion -year 37 of argument co-authored with dad the economist's norman macrae in 1984- is when national politicians get in way of future of children - our species survival is put exponentially at risk even faster than what we do to climate but happy to learn from those with alternative valuation hypotheses

of course in these exciting 2020s, valuation priorities are tied up with how fast tech is redesigning what is humanly and what is artificially operated real time - changing what government is or isnt free to do- a reason why we want to see what teachers of every age group actually understand about ai - when education misses out a whole curriculum its both a teaching and learning crisis - the biggest loser being the younger half of the world

grant references include - unicef annual report year grant died

promises kept - testimonies by grant alumni / south asia

the first 2 saarc summits convened in bangladesh and delhi appear seminal- unfortunately there seem to be few open source proceedings of these conferences - if you find any let us know


Should we dare to listen to asia’s poorest women as well as animal kingdomspecies traced by the bbc’s david attenborough, the good news is the hard work over the last half century by the world’s poorest women reveals segmentation of market purposes that any community dependent on last mile services adapt. Mental adaptation needed to celebrate tech of worldwide connectivity involves mediating loving societal awareness; analytic adaptation involves transparently clarifying what data is supplied for machine intel not just to crunch but to turn into real-time public service platforms- the great innovation and goowill multiplication challenge of the 2020s.

Market segmentation – rehearsed at fazle abed roundtable briefings on coalition of girls-sdg new universities

Safe & Resilient Community

Barefoot rights lawyers, and professionals concerned with 4 market sectors most related to goal 1 poverty, 2 hunger, 3 health, 4 education

Community-resilient coalitions -maximising communities skills for disaster preparedness and relief

Training of future public servants aligned to deep data of the least sustainable families wherever ai platforms operate real time public services- the species defining challenge of the 2020s in humanising AI

Last mile Health service markets

· *Basic life-critical knowhow -eg non-prescription drugs and clean water/oral rehydration

· *Infectious diseases

· *Chronic diseases

*Surgery caused by violent accident

*Mental -wellness diseases – often initiated by abuse or societal neglect

Lifelong livelihood/skills education

College education

Teenage education including different bridges to career -eg college is different from apprentice

Primary education


Agriculture (goal 2 )

Food security to end famine and/or obesity

Water and food positively energizing human body not contaminated by waste or energy needed for machines

Land and ocean connections with green needs if earth to support 10 billion instead of eg 1.5 billion – the usa ecology of land etc use

Finance -what we know is these 6 financial systems are needed to end poverty of billion poorest women of 20th century

*Double loop reformation of global aid industry round microfranchise (social business) when value chains can be redesigned round those previously most left out of infrastructure etc- and grants that directly transfer life critical capacity locally

*Ultra grant to graduate to savings and loans for poorest

*Savings and loans for poorest allied to value chain design integrating smallest local enterprises with least infrastructure

*Small enterprise banking for next generation who move from village to city

*Remittance banking

*Digital banking prioritised for the unbanked or underbanked

The 1960s moon race decade may have seemed like the most exciting time to be alive with its giant leap for mankind. The communications reality of all who mediate needs to be the 2020s celebrated multiple ground level leaps forward round mother earth: post-covid, towards green, around all lives matter- this requires education and health revolutions connecting every community way beyond the capability of zero-sum monetary games. Fortunately, the 4th industrial revolution offers a just-in-time escape route from oblivion – humanising artificial brains to operate real-time platforms which in turn depends on transparent mapping of data – bottom up and open- because those are nature’s evolutionary accounting rules

x an open letter to hosts of education laureates from authors of 1984's

we have attended some of your prize givings and nothing inspires us like those who free children with education
but our opinion in 2020s : it's impossible to live up to the legacy of those who valued children most like james grant or fazle abed- with prizes that only single out one person's team and one age range of education- of course these are inspiring but they cant flow the whole transformation of education on which sustainability will depend

one classic example of chatting to fazle abed- moocs had just arrived at the world bank around 2013 when jim kim was in charge

abed teasingly said
i get Massive - i like scaling solutions
i get Open - nobody should ever patent a life critical solution - a note my family found in von neumanns diaries when writing his biography
i get Online
but why isnt C for collaboration?

there are so many missing action skills/curricula of 2020s-and if the younger half of the world is to make transformations to health, green and education they will need network collaboration more than individual brilliance - whether its mapping how to vaccinate everyone or humanising artificial intelligence for good
towards lifelong teaching and studying

in our opinion, teachers of any age group urgently need to be freed to be curious about tech and ai- how can the age group they teach be excited about using tech to be the first sdg generation if the teachers are neither excited nor exploring whats next with #aiforgood - if instead youth are being chained to historic standard exams

moreover the most valuable skills any 19 year old can learn are now changing every 4 years; since 2015 there has been more new local data worldwide than the whole of history- how computers turn that into operational platforms will depend on what 19 year olds are free to do/connect in 2020s far more than siloised expert olders

fazle's main answer to 2020s as ultimate sdg decade, which he discussed with most asian ambassadors in his final years eg twice at dinner tables kindly hosted by japan ambassador in remembrance of my father- find at least one new university per country- make a coalition- share all courses- don't put community-engaged students in debt- start getting ai to digitally identify each students own proven digital skillsets -

- if as kerry said at innovating economics to sustain net generation since 2006 last glasgow may be humanity's last best chance to go green - isnt it also the last best chance to free children from over-siloised education? to massively transfer knowhow for last mile services health and smart and culturally inclusive

chris macrae
ps the home capital of 5 generations of my diaspora scot family is glasgow whose university was also abed's alma mater and the start of the machine age 260 years ago- if you have any challenges or celebrations to share during glasgow cop26 we'd love to help maximise celebrating yidan prize winners or searching for nominations 2022

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