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Saturday, January 31, 1970

Intelligence Sightings before 1970 include

 AIGames asks you to list human intelligences who advanced humanity most since 1950 - that's because the economist started asking Neumann-Einstein-Tturing for advice on how to question leaders in the age of their gift to the world: brainworkers engine type 6- the net's gift multiplied exponential impacts of type 5 communications engines from 1865 (coordinated worldwide out of switzerland itu); types 4 & 3 electricity and transportation engines (eg railways); types 1&2 engines - physical power and living with automatuon/instrumentation  including the transition from rural to city lifetimes glasgow from 1760s 

1951 Neumann proposed those interested in economics and media  start geonomics survey - what good will peoples do where they are first to access at least 100 times more tech per decade; neumann foresaw 4 biggest exponential risks to humanity- he requested anyone designing type 6 engines always ask how can this support way above zero sum trade; he saw that the first 5 engine types had multiplied extreme inequalities with perhaps one fif h of world enjoying up to 200 times more health* wealth than subsistence era before engines, but 80% having advanced ltitle; and 2 world wars having destroyed much of  lives of youth of 20th C part 1  


sadly by 1957 all of the net had parted - von neumann left his final notes "computer and the brain -extraordinarily these neural network designs were then almost completely ignored  by academia (brave counter case jann lecun 1980s) until human ai was born 2009 at the stanford meetup of neuroscience rising doctirates fei-fei li and hassabis;


Kennedy was arguably the last western leader to value youth rising over a dcadeae long vision - see eg his starting og gov sponsored: 1 moon races 2 worldwide peace corps; 3 geonomics of interdependence of us, europe and asia- as well as his endorsement of Economist;s first 11 years of von neumann survey and recognition of japan in 1962


by 1964 that could be seen out of santa clara valley with moore's aw about to promise 100 time s more silicon comp power per decade

it could be seen out of japan by al comesr to tokyo olympics: where quality engineering was essential to minaturisation and mapped new small entrepeneur just-in-time supply chains across coastlines  (note impacts of new bullet train and containerisation) the beginning of superports ( and capitals where the w3elfare of up to 20 million beings were interdependent eg tokyo seoul) beyond border of any one nation ; asia was rising because japanese tradng markets involved engineering entrepreneurs in korea s and taiwan and traders through hong kong and singapore; this was the most remarkable win-won coastlal belt; and one which made the  2/3 of humans irpacific peopled trade different interfacing west coats usa; than the atalantic space where win-win designs between coastal spaces have been absent ( noe 2 affliction of usa east coast; its potentially central port baltimore is one way facing north but not new york and the affluent north; due to a luddite law of congress american coastal trade has to be conducted by boats builit in america (even though boat building is now a lead insutry of us0

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