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Sunday, January 18, 1970

List of Human World's Greatest Problems as seen in 1970 by 5 Men

 Please note I am not saying this is a full list, cerainly not saying these 5 men saw all the solutions, I dont even know which of these 5 men's characters you or I would have trusted if somehow we had met and been working with them

There's a list from 1957 compiled by 3 men and greatest mathematicians Neumann-Einstein-Turing> Their list concerns vision of 2 engines they had given the world between 1945 and their suffent deaths by 1957

We can then add a list of the most powerful many by 1962 JF Kennedy and then of !970 Nixon. When I say greatest or most powerful I mean these folk neded to integrate every advance up to their time -in that sense no other huyman at those points of time had seen so much although of course some peple had seen local viewpoints divesely different from these 5 men.

Records show Nixon:

monetary challenge take worlds reserve currency off gold standard

vision taking all of usa beyong carbo through mix of nuclear and natuture's abundant green energy sources -see Andriessen Testimony Hoover Stanford 2023

Include China in world trade - since 1860 its oeople had chosen not to be part of world trade as better than accepting the British proposition of accepting opium as a currency

Back in 1962 kennedy had set these decade long innovation challeges for ameruca yiung & old

get to moon first though the value of this may have been stsrt 100 times tech benefits of satellites death of distance as well as 100 times more computation power

world peace corps

interdependence of 3 regions each interfacing pacifuc and atlatic oceabs frim different natural vantage points : europe's ameruca.s asia - note if this was east-west trade chaleenge there were multiple s-n chalenges ; 

these include the landlocked region above the old world's lanbrudge to 3 continents had become a lab for world wars across the old worlds 3 continents and 2 pesky islands UK and Japan

Ameruca who had saved the old world twie had its own s n challenges of including coloreds and whires, women and me, poor who eg owned very little valuable land and rich landowners (typically old white and male)- it also had over 50 states and many states had at least one protective issue tha risked lowest common denominator fultures unless smart mediation was acheved; in the case of texa there were at least 3 protective issues; being at the borders which we built so usa owned west ciast, guns are esstial to keep texans safe; we organist the continents carbon ebergy; overall our culture is men come first

Whether or not you agre with this list I hope these views from the net in 1957 make an interesting puzzle

they had given us btainworking tols eg comouters - compare this with slide ruler the most advanced tool schoolkids like me grew up with in 1960s; they could also foress autonomous engines- one day so much data would be beaming upo/down from every gps that any real time market service would nit be best mediated by mmiddle men but comoutational alforithm provided these matched nature's maths

as fas back as 1920s Einsten had become the epicentre of a world if marhematcuans discoverubg tat bature played at deeoer inrteractiins than newtoniuan math saw; fr better for worse nuclear powe was one early conequence of this new maths; the net were an unsual team- a geberation apart from each other; 2 worked as immigrants to princeton for nearly 25 years; vo neumann the middle generation arrivuibg 1930; einstein the elded in 1932; turing  the youndetsonly resuded in priceton fir the 18 ,onths up to world war 2 before returing to london; but already von neumann could see turing had inventions in ciding and comouting that could be the greatestr benefit to open source after the war if only the net furst won the race to the nuclear bomb and secind won the race to decode hitlers private messaging

by 1939 Einstein did nit invent any new maths let alone take on operational responsibility although he became a great philosopher dialoguing with eg gandhi and freud; 

 von neumann oretty much had to integrate all the maths and innovation processes of the allies wining the nuclear bomb race against hitler and outlasting stalin; still even in middle of war around 1943 he found time to travel to london to catch up with turing maths; it was neumanns intention that the nuclear manhattan project would be furstv and kast top secret; he loojed firward to war's end and attending to open sourcing brainworers machines and ultimate potential of autnonomous engines; sadly manhattean proiject planted cancer in v neumann so he had l10 years of health tofrom 1945-1955; even mire sadly turing committed suicide; so in effect the net had invented tyoe 6 and 7 engines but their visions wre not well understood

the birt of un hq was about 50 miles from priceton in manhattan; neumann would not have ubder-estimate how much work multilateral design needeed to medaite

we could say that aming 193 nation the age of empire had challenged each to go both indeoenf=dent and then to design above zero sum tradung games of interdependece

the prible of the industrail age is the way most nations birders wre designed they never had a win-win trade chance - most duid nit have carbon sufficency so began with negative balance of trade; in the age of the 2 superpowers from kennedy's death, oppoerunitues for peoples to gain from going indeoendnt got less; this because russia and usa wrre racing to sopnsor rival dictatirs- basically nations were loaned money for their oeoples nit to have equal chances oif development; so the oos-industrual age if brainwiorkers abd integrating every locality into a global world aligned with naruresw deepest firces had a lot of geonomic rconcilation. needed finacial innovation, nedded toi get diwn to urgent lat mile needs to prevent starvation or unnecessay death

Thats quite a lot of worldwude ckllenges to see from 1970; and yet the moon race had sirt if united optimism ariund the workd which was soon to pop- not the least as oil prices began to vary by over 25 fold from too cheap to too expensive even while nixon's idea woiuld have been to free usa from this dependency!

The Asian coastal belt Jpapan-Korea S-Taiwan-HK Singapore under uS peace umbrella had according to Kennedy and The economist found a possible develoment solution for 2/3 humans who are Asian - the vast majority of whom had up to 1945 been left out of access to first 5 types of engine:

physian power of combustion engine gkasgow 1760 on

autmation lifestyles of people as citizens instead of rural

trandporation engines

out of switzerland/central europe communications engines from 1965 and electricity soon thereafter

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