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Friday, December 16, 2022

 This story matters to all who see blockchain decentralised finances as a best last chance for climate cooperation or other deep community crises hitting millennials 2020s as well as followers of EntrepreneurialRevolution The Economist Next Capitalism 1976 25th year von neumann survey on humanising AI- 133rd year since founder James Wilson engaged 20 something queen victoria in changing empire constitution of leading slavetrader towards commonwealth

zasheem please help me with a verification in the first decades of brac - is this summary broadly true

AbedmooC 5.1 Nation women-built without taxes – 100000 women empowered community building ;within 7 years  72-78brac operated 3 by 3 100000 people communities; source martha chen quiet revolution - matha chen was employee 3 after fazle abed and his first wife who died 1981 

At birth Bangladesh’s 90% rural people and Abed's advancement team   were on their own to entrepreneur- to market in smith’s 1758 system definition. Instead of taxes women chose microfranchises to operate and bank on. They needed food and village para-healthworkers microfranchises first. If Abed had nor designed these recursively and openly (his 3E's) Effectiveness, effciency, Expandability brac would have not sustained anyone. HE also had to choose truest long term partners - without James Grant Unicef neither bangladesh noe reopical rural China would have helped each other's mothers advance life expectancy

 Actually having designed first two foundational microfranchises (rice and doordash 10 basic medicines weekly 300 hmes per microfrachise operator),  abed approached the gov- but because 7? years into nation's birth, they still didnt want to bank (or tax) villagers - brac microfinance was born. 6 years later gov changed its mind with 1983 ordinance for yunus but this is also why studying yunus without abed causes endless rabbit holes - eg in UK to this day the BBC has got totally wrong end of every stick. and so too has Gordon Brown and his climate team Lord stern LSE
I find it essential to know  when late 1970s brac won unicef year of child prize in form of train every village mother in oral rehydration - brac was soon invited by every largest village community typically15000 homes+ ( from 1983 yunus took on small communities max 3600 homes - it is true that a pivotal grameen loan was actually for rebuilding individual homes but otherwise most of what yunus did relied on foundations abed had grounded until in 1995 they were both approached by mobile partners - what happened then was completely different financially but without the windfall of owning third of grameen phone I cant find much yunus sustained for long term - in some ways this became academic after he won the nobel prize-  yunus went head on in competition with top down gov- abed had always made it clear that if/when there was a microfranchise that could be beteter sustained by tax he would turn it over to gov- this is a very important distinction - i do not know of a western business school that has yet got the lessons of bangladesh nation building (human economic development) by women correct -of course happy to share every case i have written up if you can nominate school that is concerned to sort this out - in 2015 with vatican university (i visited their main youth community builder twice in Rome) we searched effectively all major us catholic business schools and found none interested in abed in spite of Freire Pedagogy of Oppressed being his systems guide) 
============================================INTRO to peoples on this mail
To everyone- Abed stayed in zasheem's parents house for a dew days while working on 1970 cyclone recovery effort. As points of pure historical fact, please ask him questions. This June at Glasgow University he is coordinating smith scholars 265th moral setiments summits - any ideas for tracks. Also since launching annual evets at Glasgow Union since 2008, he has created 2 journals New Economics & Social Business
Finally Grameen Virtual Nursing College would not have existed without Zasheem's brainstorming with yunus in 2008

vincents 4 years bridging brac university ended last week- we've been debriefing what happened through my week in hong kong up to tomorrow night local time. additionally when mack (nippon life gov affairs and first met we formed "global broadway; of course those who know john understand thats his 45 year operational mission at ; jamie is much younger than most people i know- her passion is supporting off broadway youth productions - including alice in wonderland music staged in  md/DC region my family lives in; her day job womens culuyral coaching network Training for Leaders, Managers, Executives | LifeLabs Learning 
Jack Sin is worlds number 1 connector of goal 6 solutions water/sanitation - he sold up 40 dinagpore busiensses to focus on this since 1999 and his bottom of pyemaid hub extends solution guides to many other goals; sam hsoted microcredisummit from start in 1997 for nearly 20 year and probably helped yunus get nobel prize more than any single supporter; sampson helps africa train best mathamticians maurice is world bank food statistician ; spencer does both africa diaspora out of new york and is human rights envoy for rockway county - mark and i have visited bangaldesh a lot - at the UN mark explained thesdg funding crsiis - as yet the 300 trillion dolar western pension funds dont recognize any sge investmenst as asset grade - yes we do mean trillion
peter has accunted for big organsaitions initially at what is now price waterhouse coopers in 1970s? I was at price waterhouse coopers london hq in the 1990s not much fun

any reporting errors nine alone- awful lot happening where I am viewing the world from this week (Hong Knong) stay sahe

chris  +1 240 316 8157

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