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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

 This week we look at good & bad blockchains by good and bad crypto -pls keep nominations coming - as always by bad we mean spinning millennisl neaer to being the first extinction generation. But as the jury may be out on some of these 2by2's we also curate some cases independent of crypto funding

Good BlockChain without Crypto

AT mathsdao we vote Blockchain as 3rd most timely (digital world) maths system crisis (crossroads of compound opportunity & threat) world has ever seen. Search blockchain without crypto - see cases such as law2.0, safety of value chains from coffee to blood diamonds to nuclear to health2.0 .

WorldClassDaos with or without crypto

Have a look at world class daos where we have catalogued community scaling organsiations we like where quite frankly we havent checked all of theur crypto statuses. This happened partly becasue I spent a long time tracking the development of some hong kong inspired community building ideas linked by woemn empwerment and UN sdgoals - eg - they were perapring to launch nft crypto as part of their funding when the platform they aimed to used suddenly mentioend a 305 tax- so they are thriving by other means of funding currently

 1   FTX has become probabky the world's worst crypto - by which I mean there have been other cryptos that looked all scam but this is a massive exchnage which has broken every rule under custodial finance sun. Its like we have not learnt anything since cases like Robert Maxwell or Bernie Madman ruined millions of lives.That someone so vain could be at a crypto helm should not cause extra regulations - crypto has always needed some but when push came to shove this guys mindset (albeit under arguably extreme but predictable misfoerune) would break the rules whatever they were

.Good Block Bad Crypto.
I dont like putting bitcoin temporarily in this sin box but I do becasue I think it mattered that virtual world's main coin be designed around minimising volatility. Now one of the problems of btcoin is the anonymity of satoshi - is his team still running it and if so have they ever been concerend with vlatility as much as I am? I must admit I am going to have to take some holiday time to reread everything satoshi has ever said as I believe blockchain is one of the most timely maths invention ever (more at but perhaps its non vrypto blockchains that I need to study given ssustainability goals tools are what exists to help search out.
Good Block-Good Crypto...
...Bad Block Bad Crypto.../Bad Block Good Crypto

Because my daughter had grown up in washington  region, I have some inside tracks to this which may make inconvveneing reading ( i try my level best to answer comprehensible questions if this topic is as urgent to you as it is to my peer networks

Back in 2016 I knew blockchain research was going to be doubly difficult in ammerican politics. There's a weird public event hosted by usaid -called planning for transition. I wasnt as sure as the now 8 yera old obama saturated aid experts that hikary was a shoe in. So I asked the question which i hoped would plant tech as something aid workers led beyond parties. Can you tell me how you see blockchain cases chnaging aid. There was silence - then someon with least tech expertise put her hand up. I'll take that - not at all- i hear blockchains are too energy inefficient. Thus started what I would have to call 6 years of the most sustamability tech ingornat gov city among advanced nations- even today as biden passes his half time in better election shape rhan expeted- the tech for sustainanility shape of us government is bad. When I say this we luckily have a valation framework at the Un which while its applying to itself also aplies to any place government helping its people turn systems towards sustainability instead of missing last exits out of extinction or endless far north arms races. 

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