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Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - why did The Economist's crew go into over-time

 we (friends of Macraes Norman & Chris & anon sci-fi writer) began the 2025report genre in 1983; itself an extension of Economist research around von neumann's scoop (mediated journalistically since 1951 by dad (alumn of Keynes as well as teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma, and student of what James Wilson and Queen Victoria had plotted in changing English constitution from 1843!) at The Economist   

The Economist, 1843-1943: A centenary volume

Stranger than fiction? The Economist was founded in 1843 by a Scot who wanted to end hunger and end poverty. Here is the first 100 years of James Wilson's ...

1951- what goods would humans unite at the edge of 100 times more tech er decade (by 1965 -there were at least 5 neumann motivated AI (ArtsIntel) corridors- gordon moore's law reconfirmed stanford region's pride of place after tokyo ai-in-asia advanced bgfgest ever chip order (from a tokyo calculator manufacturer). WE were well aware of Orwell's option 1 endgame for immersion in tech, but was there a humman pathway out of tech beaming up and down from every GPS?

commons' exponential timelining of human sustainability's last cross roads , whilst requiring trust in  intergenerarional vision and transparent exponential auditing, is not an exact science-

 and, whilst we still believe our 1984 through 1993 (decade of reports in different languages - last being swedish 1993) setting of 2025 was a reasonable date- stuff have happened since 2015 world of nations' declaration of the 17 sustainbilirty development goals- while the UN2 movement of digital cooperation has worked deeply on system mmapping since 2016 now confirmed by 9 transformation pieces  distractions including 7 no trumpist usa, covid, the world according to Putin and being FTX'd (3ed time in 21sr C that a vicious american arrogance has propagared poverty-multiplying wves - ref 2007+ subprime and early 200s dotcom and utility-destruction - eg enron, worldcom, big 5 partial auditing of beginning digital life) 

SO we enetre 2023 as half time to  promising youths susdtainability whereas not withstanding the goods that peoples  have sought to Unite since 2015, our universal system is spiining towards extinction faster than 2015,  

whither millennials neing the first sd generation? - forgive urgency's impolitiness- we are not going to extend beyond ; if you want to map 8 billion beings cooperation in sustainability out of every community and gps PLEASE join us now -eg can you & yours extend linkedin newsletter or pioneer changeteacher or join 6000 educators=for-youth-freedom ed3dao or help search .... ) 

or forever hold your peace- we need constructive help- anyone being supportive weird-even is welcome - those bringing emotional or monetary destruction will not find any clean air time within the media we seek to co-cteate - more at worldclassbrands chartering since 1988 and

what had happened by 1965 - 5 geo-corridors were connected (however invisibly) in neumann's cooperative search for humanising artificila intel as the solution to sustaining species; BUT the cost had been tremendous - jfk had been assasinated;

ASIA RISING STORIES DECDICATED TO 2/3 women and harvard reporter Ezra Vogel as well as those cited below

 the japanese had spent 20 yeras being the first post-nuclear era nation (inviting every culture to join in win-win trading staring with korea taiwan, the pacific cross-seas of HK and singapore); fortunately they were empowered wiith the first global broadcast - satellite tv of tokyo olympics (fast firward covid may have stalled Japan celebrating 2020s update but osaka 2025 expo can be back on data osaka track, culture soc5.0 and ai curation -whats ar/vr expereimces rise out of osaka expo can be linked to the billion womens university movement - the legacy of fazle abed and the starting momentum in 2016 of educatirs at the un whose learning curve has become guterres Un2.0

NEUMANN NORTH- previously the legacy of neumann had started around 2 corridors

north east of princeton throigh eg ibm and dec to MIT ai lab (and eg doding moon landing)

south through gov ai inliuding speace dc-texas-florida

macrarthy iurst formally twinned mit ai lab with stanford

so in addtion to Tokyo Stanfird Princeton North at MIT, Princeton S (Us gov) 


we have where the goats of maths were bred- the swiss corridor begun round tele sectirs ITU in 1865! formally thge Un tech expert twinout of Geneva from bit=rth of multilatral desingn in 1945 

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