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Monday, November 14, 2022

background to ft schools brief economics

 at the economist dad norman macrae met von neumann 1951- & inherited scoop- what open goods would unite peoples with 100 times more tech per decade; neoliberalism diverged whole answer when US took dollar off gold standard- future histiries from 1972 Entrepreneurial Revolution

economics has always designed at least 2 opposite sustems - keynes is simpest one chapter view -what intergenetaional future are we designing

opposite maths from who can take the most from 90 day smas and grab or even 90 second algorithms

one solution would be to require all tecahers from k-12 up to read last chapter of keynes general theory mosney interest emplyment

keynes start with issue - what happens if a handful of academic scribblers become constitutional law- and if that handful represent elders not the next generation facing 100 times more tech per decade

keynes concluded twhat would compund would be risks to species extinction

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