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Sunday, December 31, 2000

What's Intelligence - A once in Quarter of Century Inquiry

 Happy Millennials Gen. Tik Tok. It's that time again to ask this Q.

Probably we should start with what we don't know about man-made intelligence. Although, we know some psychologists order the whole of a nation's youth round their exam of Intel. Quite a trap which Neumann-Einstein-Turing hoped type 6,7 machines (brainworkking, autonomous) could both free and unite humans around  Why in 1983we started the club of 2025Report.

What we recall from 1951's inquiry is at Neumann Ning but may headline valuing these sorts of Q:
Economist editor Crowther in 1943 did a century long survey (weekly reports of The Economist 1943-1943). Sadly he found economists and media men had failed to stay ahead of engineers. So he sent my dad Norman who had survived ww2 being teenage navigaoir allied bomber commads Burma to be pre-trained by NET (Neumann, Einstein, Turing) what question could weekly journalists of a hopefully better world keep recursively asking. 

Its worth understanding that the NET were probably the 20th Century greatest maths brains. They were multilateralists. Two had grown up in the region that generated both world war 1 and 2; and as jews had from 1930 sought peace aborad ie Princeton. Because of Einstein's revolutionary 1920 maths advances on understanding nature, they found themsleves roped into the allies race to win the atom bomb (or at least neumann did, by 1939 Einstein had become an absented minded philosopher not the coordinator of maths most serious projects). Neumann's diariies up to 1945 included how much he hoped atom bomb making would be the last top sectret and how much he looked firard to spending the rest of his life on 2 new types of engine 6 brainworkers, 7 autonomous governance. Sadly he only got to do that or 6 when dad met him. Neumann's main advivce - engineers will soon be freeing some lucky people/places to experiment with 100 times smore computational tech per decade (eg moore's law -place silicon valley from 1965)- survey what good they unite for humanity .But beware- 1 multilaterals eg UN have deep amount of work to do to put world back togetter from about 200 bordered off parts of Emoire since Columbus sailed blue 1492; and just as energy scientists have been the most hated and wanted of 20th c men to date , one day before 21st C, those type 6,7 engineers will be even more fought over by the good, bad and blind.
-lot more to see of world from vision of the NET and machines they design to vison- we'll try and write up a short chapter if you cant find its latest version ask

1976 update of quarter of century intelligence survey is at - it was published in The Economist Xmas 1976 issue as Entrepreneurial Revoluution - next capitalism. Looking back on this we'd now suggest seeing this as a survey if FIG2
Foundation models/maps
Inter-networks: whats collaborative priority of internetorking generations
Gov2.0: what bottom up servant leadership systems (eg capable of maximising people lifetimes and deep societal data)  will need AI20s to look like if every regional community's diversity is to be LLM valued by human s as much as nature's evolutionary exponentials do. 

From start of 2023, we have turned EconomistDiary's main purpose into gamifying AIforall
We try to make weekly diaries of top 7 wonderers of intel - eg this group may be important September 2024 as the UN preps General Assembly Summit Future

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