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Friday, October 13, 2023

Gameboard 1 emerging from first 4 months of AIGAMES surveys of who's intelligence has most advanced humanity

 UNITING NATIONS & YOU? Nominations show that if WHY (Womens Humans & Youthful AI) is to help Guterres (and multilaterals and any place serving its peoples bests ) with gov2 roadmapping, then

 we need the verticals of personalised education to optimise lifetime spends of all ages ; and of 1001 LLM  converging cultures of 1000 mother tongues to be Intelligence decades smartest translation gateway to web3 not the most ignorant=spreading agent which diluted kindness and trust  big  platforms of web1,2

3 horizontals of Architect Intelligence: 

bottom foundation models; 

middle row: top tech ceos need to make best goodwill inter-generation leap (moonshots if you will)  with next wave of tech not just short-term most profitable-;

 top interdependence/collaboration between captals of sdg intelligence world starting with Brooklyn as demo town of practising intel across East River (Un HQ)

5.1 FFL 5.2 DH
6.1 AI2 6.2NvidiaCeo
4.1-4.3 Pichai/Brin/Page
9.1MGates 9.2 PChan 9.3Aja Wilson
1.1Fazle Abed 1.2SJobs
2.1 Jkim, 2.2BGates
8.1 Guterres 8.2
 Sheika Moxa
3.1 Yang, 3.2Ng
7. MST&T 

If we were to call Hassabis co-creation alphafold 2 central contribution to Science AI thanks to its go/pattern recognition brainpower, do you expect other breakthroughs in sciences by one core model and if so what sort of game or brain practice might it need to pre-train on? Bard replies: es, I do expect other breakthroughs in the sciences by one core model, similar to AlphaFold 2. AlphaFold 2 is a powerful example of how AI can be used to solve complex scientific problems. By training a deep learning model on a large dataset of protein structures, AlphaFold 2 can now predict the 3D structure of proteins with high accuracy. This is a significant breakthrough in the field of biology, as it allows scientists to understand how 200000 proteins work and to design new proteins with desired properties. It is estimated Hassabis has open sourced what would historically needed 1 million hours of doctorate level science work - download science-AI.docx for more on this unprecedented moonshot

AIGames - would you like to play Games of AI (Architect Intelligence) Tool up with  NET & WHY & FIG

The moves are simple enough - WHO's Intelligence Who do you see as most consistently advancing humanity since 1950, and now as exponential change accelerates around every human (8 billion) and Artificial (almost unlimited in number)

 Back in 1951 primarily 3 mathematical wizards Neumann-Einstein-Turing launched machines for brainworking. They foresaw a tremendous gamble with everyone's lifetimes, and behavioral data. About 11 billion have participated at least in part of  generational consequences of the 3Q 1950-2025 . Whilst previous machine types had increased wealth times health's life expectancy up to 200 fold for a minority, most 1950s people had not yet accessed the benefits; instead they had been trapped in  reconciling 2 world wars and fearfully spun by nuclear maths' edge of extinction
1951 Neumann gave a year of briefings out of Princeton & New York. My dad (rookie journalist surviving role of teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma) had been sent by The Economist from London to NYPrinceton to make notes : AI Games: Architect Intelligence He spent his life on a journalists quiz Neumann conceived for mediation across global village quarterspheres NEWSforGOOD, as well as local to global reflections on human conditioning compiled as Neumann's biography

Neumann's last concern  was neural networking language mediation -see final notes The Computer & The Brain he hade on his deathbed 5 years later, or 60 years learning curve up see Neural Network for schools produced by the likes of  Stanford HAI's Fei-Fei Li, Nvidia CEO, Melinda Gates resources : ;; Einstein's primarily education challenges gravitated around chaotic mess in science (for human examples of uncertainty principles see Einstein's dialogues of peace with Gandhi (later Attenborough family dialogues), Behavioral Dynamics with Freud, Freedom of speech Studies with black undergraduates); Turing's Trust crises looked at integration of deep data mapping including his ultimate Test of recursive qualities of different brain types!

THE WHY of AI- what do Women, Humans and Youth want Intelligence race to spend our time and data on. 

THE FIG In turn 2.0 transformational design and governance of organisations constitutions requires seeing through Foundation models, Interdependencies of Meta-Society at every GPS and Gov2.0 reconstituting transparency of organisational systems**N (ie networks not separated leadership systems). 

DEVILISH DETAILING Yes such simple actions & reactions have nano-consequences (Foot 1): Urgency now linksin 8 billion people choosing  what future worlds you, I, Segments eg Dear Black Girls and Greatest Maths folks see. Without very good  infusion of brainpower from NET WHY &, FIG the machines intelligences (now with 80 billion transistors per chip- that's 10 per human per chip) will operate blind to nature's deepest codes, and every sort of abuse of human existence will multiply all over mother earth. 

Lack of openness of intergenerational vision now will collapse all the love and goodwill families need to exist.

In centre square 5 we suggest beginning with players 5.1 Hassabis and 5.2 Fei-Rei Li- both are more humanity driven than money per se; with logic pretraining hassabis has leapt forward with science i donating the 200000 biotech protein model of alphfold2 to humanity; fei-fei lis has been in epicentre of all object vision data training and its impacts of disciplines students study; although reading text/nlp is part of visioning , so 6.1 could call on ceos of nvidia and ai2 to help with personalised learning vertical; while pichai, brin page at 4.1 could help optimise 1001 language model/mediation of web3 of; at 9.1,2 we put wests top female philanthropists MGates and Pchan noting 23-24 social launches in womens moments of lift by fei-fei li worlds i see and aja wilson der black girl. Back at 1.1,1.2 the consciousness of valley was won=ken up 2001 by steve jobs hosting abed 65 birthday wish (new universities minimising silos between female grad alumni); by 2002  2.1jykim and bill gates were needing abed's womens intel thus 2 connects vertical of gov2.0 with HAI and Guterres and Moza at space 8; continuing the bottom horizontal - yang and ng have been anchors welconing hai and stanford students from every gps; yang is also chair of the stanford board of trustees as at 7 is one of MsT&T- who is also the lead investir in neuroscience schools across usa and brooklyn's inner city justice funds and parallel basketball superstar's to melinda gates aja wilson out of LA

Gameboard current premierAI 20 whose AI might most help UN as well as all 8 billion of us humans

HAI's top 2 - In history of maths its not unusual that the scope of a huge field is best introduced by 2 people - in human AI's case Hassabis and Fei-Fei Li.. In my view their neuorscience phds connevted with Von Neumann's last specifications of brainworking which had been relatively ignored by those who guilt computers or marketed coding and applications . Equally whars fascinating is there is so much system transformation work to do if milennials are to be the first renewable generation that ai is both a 21st C literacy in demanding aiverygood is shared through every community and in true brainworking expectations of 1950s needs to unite everyone if 8 billion beings are to help advance not destroy every plaace and peoples. 

The case for hassabis leading Science AI partnerships including such huge choices as google - is relatively simple to post- see this dialogue with bard 

 With over 170 partbership accelerating every year - and an apparnent passion to free every millennial who could change world with human ai - Fei-fei li is harder to updatebut start with this context in 2019 -one of the first events after formal launch of Stanfird Human_cntric AI (HAI)
(rsvp if you see big omission)  

 2023, FeiFeiLi (now in year 15 as stanford's human ai superstar data-visioning connector and probably world #1 maths whiz;   diary booktour nov 14 la/virtual ==10 years convening largest object vision space imagenet connecting hundreds of research teams to stanforsrs starung early with hassabis; melinda gates and nvidia ceo ask ffl to edit 10 schools curricula aifir all; she goes to google cloud for 18 pinths but then returns to stanford - hai is launched so no discipline left behind in ai; wife of ai director at salesforce a company turning its core processes into LLM- see forbes;  next month sees launch of  Fei-Fei "worlds I see" in MGates wonmens (AI) Lift genre

we classify 9 win-dimensions 3 multipliers of AI : WHY, Women Human Youth; 3 system deigns FIG Foundational, Integral Gov2 (eg empowering); 3 urgent innovation edges : NET (NeuronLLM) ED3(personalised learning) T- Trust Top Tech

===========================Formatting 9 dims on one screen not that easy, here's a second look if you will bear with fellow players of AiGames




159 WAI core Abed/Jobs(HAI)MelindaGates 1/PChan/JDoudna/AjaWilson /MsT&T/ CRice..MChen (fazle abeed top 10 legacy include fintech africa reeta eoy; womens uni sheika moza; nigeria health ola brown; literacy india sunita gandhi  coding africa audrey cheng) -possibly lost links who is wangaari mathaai of 2020s and will climate adaptation africa ever come together without a collaboratir lile her (it makews no sese to me that unhabitat hq in kenya cant scale wasnaari maathai intel)

123 Health Abed JYKim Bgates MarthaChen PFarner Soros Brilliant

& Nature- 360 Yang/Ng

13795 HAI    


51379 Fei-Fei Li-HassabisHAI Core

258 Gov2.0 Kim HAI Guterres Moza

456 Top Tecg Poprioties Top Goofle Nvifia AI2 HA

349 Neumann NN language models- comourer & brain 1950s




357 JYang/Ang/HAI/Brooklyn Ms T&T

123 Foundations Model

349 1000 Language model converge culture & borderless community solutions needed wherever family building is truly valued

167 Personalised Learning & Global Id in 2001 the new uni movement of silicon valley founded with steve jobs and fazle abed around vision that universities designed round stdent debt corrupt the whole of edu and need replacing by livelihood uni - more

789 Youth borderless goodwill communities

75 years












Neumann Neural Net

349 Neumann NN language models- computer & brain 1950s

HAI Fei-Fei li Hassabis Neurscience MxT; AI2 (NLP)/ llm partnership nvidia-microsoft 



167 Peronalised Learning & Global Id









Foundation Models Morals







WHYAI replace sdg17 UN/multilateral leadership intel

Some key players q4 2023

Condoleeza Rice WHYFIG - leads hoover at stanfird; lead reviewed of worlds I see and nano-consequences for places futures 


some current searches among players of AIGames  Russ Altman, the Kenneth Fong Professor of Bioengineering, Genetics, Medicine, Biomedical Data Science and (by courtesy) Computer Science at Stanford. He is the past chairman of the Bioengineering Department at Stanford University. His primary research interests are in the application of computing and informatics technologies to problems relevant to medicine. He hosts the Stanford Engineering program The Future of Everything


  1. YAI proposition that student debt universities need to be replaced is supported by various leadership groups - those who did not complete 4 year degree as they had urgent entrepreneur opportunity (eg abed jobs gates); those who had deep life experience before university where they often set up a student union club or cloud with practical intelligence eg paul farmer and jim kim partners in health; potentially experiential superstars (sports , music, coding)- their problem is often their industry value chain is owned by elders not valuing the true heroines next generation most needs. See our model University of Stars first presented with 1000 Gandhians Delhi 2004 Ovearll 2001 new Uni movement challenged Stanford's transparency as university (as well as 21st C business park) founded to develop every CA child. For those arguing that exclusive alumni status paid back over a lifetime this argument needed countering by visioning 2 open universities millennials need most to be first renewable generation - that with intel on ending poverty anywhere; that scaling WHY Ai with deep open data on whose foundations trust in all AIGood depends..

  2. AS yet there seems to be noticeably little overlap between Human AI leaders and Nobel. Of these 4 cited by Bard Doudna and Tiriole amking very distinctive contributions- conversely I havent yet understood why deep learning work of Bengion/Hinton is preferred to others like Fei-Fei Li ..Jennifer Doudna, who won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. Doudna is now working on using CRISPR-Cas9 to develop new treatments for diseases, including neurological and psychiatric disorders.
    Yoshua Bengio, who won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on artificial intelligence. Bengio is now working on developing AI systems that are more human-like in their ability to learn and understand the world.
    Geoffrey Hinton, who won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on artificial intelligence. Hinton is now working on developing AI systems that are more efficient and less energy-intensive.
    Jean Tirole, who won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his work on industrial organization. Tirole is now working on developing AI systems that are more fair and equitable.