Thanks to Jen-Hsun best decade AI collection- 7000 cases improving peoples communal computation, data & brains - year 74 of Neumann & Economist briefings- : last 100 days of AI we LOVE OR FEAR
Fear Media Fake AI Love AIearth2 AI & Green Ag AIDoubt General AI exists

 AHealthI - all 3 of most massive engineering connectors love health ai ( Jensen Huang, Demis Hassabis, Fei-Fei Li); biggest leap yet is billion man years work which Hassabis AI 250 million proteins database Alphafold2 Jewel in Crown of King Charles AI summit Cambridge/London/Mountain View _ some in silico links Hassabis-UK - Isomorrhic Labs; Huang Recursion/Siemens Healthineers; genentech; Valley AI women Daphne Koller & Priscilla Chan CZI, .. Melinda Gates, Nobel Jennifer Doudna - more at & 1

Sunday, July 2, 2023 Web3-2--1-0 Preventing extinction was hope of digital brain tools and Death of Cost of Distance gifted us by NET=Neumann-Einstein-Turing - who's tried to linkin media AIforgood? Choose players at QVictoria? Keynes? JFK? Mcewan? Lennon? Attenborough? Frost? "Steve Jobs" Palin? Berners Lee? Case? Yang? googlers? Guterres? Hassabis Courant-NYU . Consider system maps of how The NET knew most about how "media tech" had spiraled 2 world wars instead of the ITU's tele1 purpose of cooperation; so was UN HQ in NY going to improve what the Swiss had not been able to globally mediate the hi-conflict region that starts from South at old world's tricontinent land bridge and route all way north to Russia's half of the arctic circle. when web world designers got 3 last chances to map intelligence by and for 8 billion peoples, will you linkin now or forever after ... happy interdependence 2023

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