Feb 2024 what a treat- Nvidia ceo explains freedom of million times more comp coming to community near you..Entrepreneurial Revolutions intergenerational laureates origin Von Neumann's NET; dedicated to Royals of UK, Japan, Netherlands UK Royal Society's Economist James Wilson 1843+. Adam Smith/James Watt Morality 1758+ -
1970-2019 : Fazle Abed 1 billion women;;; 1994 onwards Fei-Fei Li with thanks to friends of Steve Jobs, Melinda Gates and Taiwanese Americans for Humanity:: correct errors chief ignorance networker: chris.macrae @yahoo.co.uk wash dc writes: please see AI20s.com for review of 23 as year of Chat and why/how we discuss with bard 24 as year of intelligence action and breakthroughs of UNsummitfuture.com ; also why King Charles launch of AI world Series (Bletchley-Korea-Paris-NY sept 2024) is our fav short youtube of 23..also for parents consider .Dec 2023 Royal Institution Lecture on AI
Intelligence Games:Who's advanced human lot most since 1950 & Now?: Help ED with Intelligence Humanity's top 100 transcripters 21st C Neuro-First 5 : Li ...Hassabis Lecun Bengio HintonOriginal brainworkers NET : Neumann Einstein TuringDeep Learning Actions .. Grant, Freire, Borlaug23-24Womens Urgent Melinda Gates, PChan BJKing YunaKim MsT&T CRice 1 .. JDoudno LIbrahim .. 1 .. 2 MDonelan 1.. 2 .. 3 RRoy 1 :: 2 .. JWidom Quadir Abdul Latif Li Ka-shing MCrow ASU .1 2. Awuah CYidanInterdependence West-East Systems 4 JFK, Deming, Drucker, VogelRoyal 3 King Charles JapanEmp NetherlamdsRoyalsFaulty Vision 84:::01:::09:::17: JAB 2001: Jobs . Abed BillGatesMultilateral LLM 3 JYKim AGuterres .. 1.. Ska-MozaTaiwan's 3J JNvidia & JStanfordTrustees &JosephValley 20 Pichai Dean Andreesen Ng Koller Etchemedy SalesforceCeo Musk ... Seattle 3: Etzioni &More coming soon

Sunday, July 2, 2023


www.economistdiary.com Web3-2--1-0 Preventing extinction was hope of digital brain tools and Death of Cost of Distance gifted us by NET=Neumann-Einstein-Turing - who's tried to linkin media AIforgood? Choose players at www.worldrecordjobs.com: QVictoria? Keynes? JFK? Mcewan? Lennon? Attenborough? Frost? "Steve Jobs" Palin? Berners Lee? Case? Yang? googlers? Guterres? Hassabis Courant-NYU www.KC3.dev www.mathsdao.com . Consider system maps of how The NET knew most about how "media tech" had spiraled 2 world wars instead of the ITU's tele1 purpose of cooperation; so was UN HQ in NY going to improve what the Swiss had not been able to globally mediate the hi-conflict region that starts from South at old world's tricontinent land bridge and route all way north to Russia's half of the arctic circle. when web world designers got 3 last chances to map intelligence by and for 8 billion peoples, will you linkin now or forever after ... happy interdependence 2023 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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