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Saturday, February 18, 2023

upd from hong kong - most cooperative space on millennials aerth

 this week in hong kong womanoids discussion got a bit messy but everything else went spiffingly  connecting vinvcent and jack sim went well - here is a latest whatsapp between them and me but I think it needs some more ny inputs   2/18 Great thanks--- vincent I know you don't like zooms but when you know could you tell us your location March 21 to 25 - Jack is lead cooperation host of goal 6 UN water summit    and may be we can try zoom with john kiehl updates on global broadway and maths for good - including symphony of P and whether NYU-Shanghai Mrs Tandon's Feb 14 booster of women empowered global broadway has wings   - fortunately teenage prince charles was at first satellite broadcast tokyo olympics 1964 befriended japan royal family so dad later scriptwrote charles japan speeches -todays emperor studied water at oxford) and abed triangularises Royal Dutch -UK-Netherlands.. of course the 2 of you know more than smithians/diaspora scots can,   but lets say 70% of millennial women depend on pacific coast trade, peace and ocean life goals 13-16 , 20% atlantic, and 10% more on complex n/s maps such as arctic circles, canals and black seas then my father would have supported the motion that only millennial pacific women can humanise intel  cooperatively enough to prevent 2020s designing extinction - as well as Tandon female engineers NYU has become very interesting for 2 more reasons -outgoing number 1 sexton wrote super book on connecting nyu abu dhabi and shanghai; there seems to be an incoming female black president this week chat

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