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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Economist Alphabet Diary + A  2  B 1 2  F G H ... Our cooperation blogs seek mathematicians congruent to keynes systemic interpretation of economics as future designer for better for worse

Keynes 1936 increasingly future is locked in by the handful of economic scribblers backed by a sipreme commander - this poses exponemtial risks to youth as each next generation's mediator of sustainability

 this year our ultimate cooperation blog integrates 12 30-day preps for possibly the most crucial action learning summits earthlings ever design
thanks to everyone making water angels New Yorks test marathon!! -related is NY a top 10 livesmatter city

First some intros 

Mack is world gov affairs director nippon life as well as coordinator of - after many years in wall street he is now in london. 

Vincent has just finished 4 years bridging faze abeds brac unuversity- whilst being born in taiwan he built peking uni business school 2010-2015 before that was political; when headhunted by abed he was building relationships between hong kong leading universities and shenzen's so that students could gain. 

Jack sim sold up his 40 sungapore business in 1999- has become mr sdg6 (toilets/sanitation/water) at UN with nov 19 his own calendar day and from march 22-24 the first UN hq water sanitation unhabitat summit in 20 years 

- i think you all know john kiehl 45 years young with new york's leading music recording stydio and from MIT connector of what only maths can open sociery to do

 (180th year since founder james wilson asked queen victoria if royal society newsletters and the queens english could change empire to commonwealth - ) is also concerned with last 30 days before 12 summits relevant to under30s being the first sd generation . The first summit we are concerned with this staged at UN HQ ny march 22-24 connects the last 23 years of solutions for goal 6 of jack sim- briefly in berlin i met jack in 2009 when yunus and emmanuel faber danone france idea 2006 announced at nobel prize of co-branding corporates with their greatest purposes was being taken over by the least collaborative kind of agent, the ultimate greenwash agent - Mr HR; yunus had lost his bank so was changing from youths most open connector to 100000 dollar per appearance speaker. Although goal 6 and its relation all bottom, of pyramid entrepreneurial networks is jack's topic i have a time sensitive question about student union clubs... - has anyone succeeded in taking a practice student union club global? Perhaps Jack who has un day november 19 and is main practice connector of sdg6 sanitation and water summit march22-24 we have researched coop multiplier of student union clubs since 2007- i made 10000 dvds of short interviews with yunus original HQ team at same time june 2008 his biggest partner meeting happened in dhaka because the nobel judges were opening a museum to him. Ironically within months the 4 founding partners of grameen who had teamed for 33 years were no more - dipal barua who led grameen energy and seemed to be the only chartered accountant comparable to sir abed to understand the whole was disgraced in yunus eyes. The stories are complicated- the prime minister of Bangla had already told brac it was taking bracs solar business but whilst dipal said we can work on that yunus went to war with dipal's reputation; best working friends became enemies. This was extremely embarrassing for prince charles who had the year before on yunus say so given his main award at to dipal. It messed up all relations with bbc nature and other uk connectors. When you tell a royal that someone he has promoted is corrupt which yunus did about dipal all hell breaks lose in uk upper classes. Anyhow this was the beginning of the end oh reality of 37 years of bangladesh women empowerment -the clintons and obamas were having their onw difficulties with having pit yunus at epicentre of microcreditsummit and clinton global reformation of UN. Astonishingly Obama whose mother had been hero of womensworld banking indonesia gave back banking to the very orgnanisations that had subprimed us community building out of existence. The remaining 6 years of millennium goals became more and more ppp greenwash frenzy. Jim Kim seems to have been only person to understand this but by his appointment in 2012 not much could be saved Bangla's Prime minster found the technicality that as a government ordinance bank 1983  yunus was beyond retirement age. 

Back to student clubs. Even when content isnt controversial they have a structural problem- someone who is passionate about a practice takes club ahead but then when that student goes often there is no continuity to keep improving. Oddly student entrepreneur competitions like mit 100 k have made this worse - because now staff organising the long term sponsors not the student clubs lead. Oxbridge has one way round this as the student union debating forum ultimately keeps top level leadership relationships students make in students hands. A new zealand unicorn called crimson had a very controversial way. It started issuing shares to students who audited which student union clubs built best intern relationships with which big employers and in 10 top us colleges now has most control of both careers and ranks professors in 2 ways- whose courses do you have to grade on even if you will never use them ; whose courses grades don't mater but the prof wants to have change leafing youth around her or him. I believe student union clubs will also determine guterres success. Now of course something like music or fashion is a bit different wherever young superstars are born -but do they get surrounded by HR type agents -  or brac's biggest risk to -    TA queen bees? or will they give back to replicating a student union club? we first debated this in 2004 in delhi at global reconciliation network -pity neither einstein nor schumacher had any alumni there!!...

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