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Friday, December 31, 2021

  7 Lost Intelligence Curricula:  God Safety the King from English Language Schooling

In 1950s NET's 2 German Speaking immigrants to Princeton and one numbers coding genius in London birthed 

I6 BrainEnergy engines aka computers 

I7 Autonomous engines for life-changing services gravitated by data steaming between every gps on mother earth

Previously white men's world had agreed from 1865 that Switzerland would mediate collaboration worldwide around 

I4 telecoms engineers and 

I5 electricity grids architects

Previously from 1760 Scots had invented 

I1 physical Power, 

I2 Automation instrumentation, 

I3 Transportation (eg railway) but not liking London's colonial rule Smith & Watt advised far north engineers to emigrate to new continent of usa. From 1776 English schools of engineering divided into 2 parts which never yet found the time or freedom of learning democracy integral to valuing next generations co-creativity 

Games on. Can we 8 billion earthlings fix broken schooling by 2029 or forget concept of Uniting Nations let alone safety of man-made intelligence

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