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Monday, December 31, 2001

Bad nEWs mediation destroys MGI- can APPC save

 Globalisations political macroeconomists have been blinded by east-west growth exposing multiple n-s faultlines; as well as tracking the 4 N_S coastal beltlines of Atlantic and Pacific - learn from landlocked world war labs. Such fake media design will erode/destroy Millennials' Goals Intelligence which world-deep investment needs id 21st c kids are to be first renewable generation

the original world war nab up from suez to tricontinent landbridge to Russia has tripled with balkan to north and now the gulf up through afghan to russia 

the miracle of billion east asian village girls empowerment is that it offered clues on how to fix north from myanmar-bangla border - understanding this is not yet being valueed by the clinton microcreditsummit which otherwise offered millennills some hope

who as well as bangladesh yunus and abed to tap intel from - ezra vogel , lee kuan yew, romano prodi are eastern examples, prodi, soros, gorbachev, franciscans mihjt have been western examples

the 3 kingdoms uk japan and neterlands could convenve a decolonial ai world series

those who truly supported mandela might have helped clarify africa's role as southern compoent od east atlatic and west pacifific

thise concernede with last mile health and refugees can provide foundational deep data support to large media models

updare 2020- pity plague prevention ai models had not been mapped as they might have integrwted s-n and east-west as urgentlu climate livable planet will need to fo

forwars after covid aja multilatera2015's need for un2 to turn sdgs into reality-making partnership not more greenwasking

abed's 4-force model which began womens intel new universities with stanford from 2001 remains valid for deep data scientists

Public worlf service broadcaters appear to have missed 1984 timeline script of mediating a worlfwide reality tv program on enf poverty solutions before 3g to 5g copounnd -its worth remembering why it was lile to be a tiwanese postmaster who suggested suck solutions as blockchain cashless currencies

lets hope 2000s phds reconnect with neural network algorirhms core to Neuman's last notes on Computer & Brain

Tifts polar collaboratory climate and shared ed solutions of peoples native to arctic circle match attenborough's lifetime prescience also a Kinhg Charles and Japan Emperor natural science ai focus

Least common debating forum with additional vetoes are not the way ri mediated deep data of turing, large language models convergence on natural science intel of neumann let alone collaboratory ed3 (evld with deep personal learning agency) vision of einsten and nrainworking

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