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Monday, December 31, 2001

2001 end poverty's 7 intergenenerational investment crises - 50 year review of NET's foresight

 In 1951 NET (Neumann-Einstein-Turing) briefed Keynesian Economics journalists on 7 foreseeable crises of their legacy of brainworking engineering- see also biographies of neumann; neumann.ning.com and 1984's 2025 reporting timelines. Crises & overall state of digital worldwide

clean energy & peace for all  -not yet understood way Smithian morality of trading off nature-made and engineering's artificial man-made -requires pririority transformation of multilateral systems to unite 8 billion beings

above zero-sum economists/world trade maps - although digital cooperation offers means to celebrate way above zero-sum dynamics of sharing life critical knowhow through every locality - this keynesian economics hippocratic oath (see last chapter general theory money interest employment) not widely accepted by profession

decolonial intelligence celebrated locally to globally- at some stage beyond slave-trading empire era, most nations have needed to go decolonial- are we openly benchmarking future herstory's contextual successes/failures in doing this for all the peoples (eg integration of futures most waned by beings whom history (who got chanes to innovate/scale with each type of engine 1760s (physica power, citizen automation), 1850s (transporation, communications ITU switzerland world epicentre fro 1865, electricity frid structures, 1950s NET's post-industrial win-wins ) has trapped as poorest , youth, female, colored

personalised education/livelihood agency for all (transformation of intelligence for all as lifelong students and mentors) - to be foundational soul of 21st C and each 100 times more data transformation satellite telecoms standrard -eg 3G ITU 2001, 4G ITU around 2009; 5G to be futurised into gov2.0 when millennials goals chartered eg from 2015 -west's one promising space - both 1984 designers of personal computing steve jobs and bill gates helping host silicon valley 65th birthday wish parties of fazle abed envoy/entrepreneurial revolution microfranchise designer connecting femal bottom billion of asian pyramid

transformation of 1000 mother tongue language cultures so humans advance as nature's best evolutionary species- clarified in the 1957 NET's last lecture notes computer, brain, neural networking -will humans AI exponentially rise just-in-time- requires servant leadership congruent to next para

transformation of foundational data of intelligence architecture - can we map bottom-up community solutions bottom billion women have founded 1 end-poverty<>2 end hunger/dehydration<>3 basic last mile health for all-ie raise life expectancy to sixties or more everywhere<>Einstein's personalised education agency to resolve digital divides?<>mothers valuation of safe homes and productive family generation versus 3 main transnational transformation maps - millennials livelihoods need to be 80% green; infrastructure needs end externalisation of risks at borders; who's stewardship of land and water fits autonomisation age of world-deep governance integrated at every gps; 

overall transformational attention will need UN LLM (as forseen by von neumann)- as yet public broadcast media failing in 1984's hoped for handover from fake broadcasrting to smart wbe 3,2,1 media - see www.economistdiary.com/1984 - WorldRecordJobs student union debates since 2007,  friends of 2025 reporting genre and AI20s.com, 23-24 Unsummitfuture.com and King Charles AI world series

autonomistaion transparency of purposeful expoenetial of every trillion dolar market sectot

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