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Friday, December 31, 1993

Glasgow Adam Smith (1760) &St James Royal Societies 1843 ask who's sustiability intelligenve whom

 King Charles AI World Series (2023) & Qieens/Commonwealth English LLM (eg Barbados, Nvidia-Commonwealth club)   & UK Envoys t Valley Mrs White (Burmese Brit), Joe White with NET (139) Turing B &BC Nature  Attenborough(1958) & Cambridge Footlights () Cambridge Businees Park (with arm/ (twin santa clara)  and linked to bbc (twin stanford climate school doerrs 2023-1982, Condy Rice 2023-1982), deep mind. Twinned mounatin view) alphafold2 crick watson), duke of ed awards twins with Tomes premio sciacca Various Royal Societies (70 uk, 30 commowealth) 

Antonio Guterres (Franciscan movements) Clares & red cross movements (nightingale &), Macao & British-Dutch-Portuguese empire commonwealth friends , refugee learning movemets,Glagiw's neary free nurse college with bangladesh,Brazil key player european world social forum (bom aqua curricula) 2004- water sanitation -Graham Alabasrer Un habitat geneva

Hassabis & Lila Ibrahim  (lebanon & Girls code nets) & Gatsby (neuroscience royal scociety and kg=ings/ucl) WEllcome ,  twin muntain view cambrdife london, twin game solutions ai (lead interest of nvidia)

Nvidia Jensen huang - Pixar * John hopkins, dell HP Service nw & nvidia - who's built accelerated computer suppy chain since 1993- now replacing oc death of - announced yesrerday bloom berg summit- relationship nvidia with big 4 us alphabet meta mictosfit amazon - about third of salws - undesrstbad startegic dpendencies and freedoms of each comoanyand ncvudi

fei-fei li ...

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