lINKS 1 2 Thanks to Jen-Hsun best decade AI collection- 8000 cases improving peoples communal computation, data & brains - 2025rEPORT.COM year 75 of Neumann & Economist briefings- : 4 JULY 2024 last 80 days of ECONOMISTDIARY.COM

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 This is the centenary year (TokyoOlympians, 1964 Sony & Two Royal Families ) of debating: is the Tele purpose of satellites -warfare or learning to sustain next generations out of every GPS-linkedin community? 1965 saw Tokyo client help Intel launch Moore's Law as www.entrepreneurialrevolution start up of Silicon Valley place brand chartering. This week a few Diaspora islander friends at Admiralty HK are rehearsing possible cooperation connections for class of 23-24 and Youth and Guterres 2024 following class of 22-23 Journalist friends of humanity invite an upcoming diary on road to UNsummitfuture. New York Asian Female Empowerment fans, triad of engineering colleges. and musicians for sdgs are reportedly planning special Valentines Day Emotional Intel launch. The UN water/sanitation summit March 22 is interesting with special thanks to Singapore's Bottom of Pyramid hub & Nov 19 UN coop networks. I am still trying to understand if Cantab alumni currently on sabbatical at Princeton wish to join in. Glasgow University hosts 265th moral sentiments summit June 2023. welcomes cooperation diary in line with late great Abed Bhai 80th Birthday UNi wish: massive open online COOPERATION empowered by quarter of world who are younger and female. Please note scottish diaspora friends and i have no business model nor any national separation agenda- assuming freedom of speech exists, this is just an open maths attempt to map what 8 billion human intelligences share with each other in line with survey on purposes of intel Von Neumann and The Economist began in 1951. If anyone knows if google's bard or ChatGpt is against or for our motion , please say. My understanding is von neumanns family would like a hall of fame: who's knowhow social mediation networks would he choose you urgently and locally (deep data) interact with now

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