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Thursday, December 31, 1970

sample - who wants to publish stories on ai game for good

 Hello I live in N Bethesda and wondered if you would be interested in our intention to bring back trust to tech, education and human intelligence

We are designing AI Game around which intellects of the last 75 years have advanced humanity and SDGs worldwide and world-deep. 

 My family has 73 years of experience of surveying what Neumann and his team who gave us future digital worlds intended humans to survey/value as exponential opportunities and threats. I myself have travelled to Bangladesh 16 times as well as Asia 60 times as I am interested in linkin 2/3 of humans who are Asian as essential. As a Diaspora Scot, this goes back to Adam Smith moral sentiments system and nature mapping as early as 1758

Our family diaries get much more specific from 1951 when The Economist had sent dad to be trained by von Neumann at Princeton on topics such as economics is not systematically mathematical so one day engineers need to code human relationship systems that are more open and hi-trust

You can see a lot of sub-stories that now need to come together given that Guterres decade is making AIgood the integral transformation agent to digital roadmapping and UN2.0

sincerely chris macrae +1 240 316 8157

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