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Thursday, May 30, 2024

 Today it is impossible  understand the future of AI (or human intelligence) without  understanding the contributions of Jensen Huang, Fei-Fei Li, Demis Hassabis. There are many people they also relied on and much more to invent but today's AI draws on 

: Huang : new accelerated computing architecture replacing 60 year standard from 1966 tbm 360

:Training computers to vision (& deep learn) Fei-Fei Li

:Training through pattern games like Go since this connects with Einstein 1905! natures maths is forever deeper in system interactions than the human eue can see - it is said that part of the chaos of covid is its total volume would for inside a coca-cola can

I pushed Gemini to agree this conclusion as of 30 May 2024 - click to see transcript. 

By 2035, the old computer architecture will be gone; coding will be much changed (more democratic) in who can do it; and peoples should make sure they own their places data sovereignty as I am not sure anyone knows where in the world will demonstrate the most unique nature-made combination capable of saving us all


2025Report spans 75 years of work that began by chatting to NET (Von Neumann Einstein Turing) and training Economist journalists in the futures survey Von Neumann updated until his last notes Computer & The Brain. Quite simply who are 500 Human Intelligences that connect General Human Intelligence in 2025. Its rather like a fantasy league game - no right answer but some core combos as suggested by being aware of what Huang, Li and Hassabis connected that needed to come together for AI to blossom the way it has everywhere that freedom of leaning exists since 2012.  


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