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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Happy 2024/5 -republished from Dec 31 1984 during UN2.0 week April 2024 KINGS' WARNING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE = very controversial systems field: deep/sovereign data study's twin purposes :

**celebrate very good engineers out of every Morals-Sensing community since 1760;
**value womens lives & livelihoods as much as men since 1843 Victoria asked Royal Societies to innovate with St James Village www centre of gravity.
At (deadline Osaka Track Expo 2025) we'll publish fieldbook of 1000 good human intels that Neumann-Einstein-Turing and King Charles inspire; see 21st C brainworkers and autonomous (gov2.0) world service systems TO learn-generate future with. Co-editors welcome to Chartering.
WHO IN WORLD WOULD UNIQUELY MISS WHAT IF XYZ DID NOT EXIST? In 1951 my father Norman was asked by Von Neumann to train Economist journalists in this survey. JFK & Prince Charles took on the NETs first joyful moonshots grounded @ earth. 1989 as dad retired from weekly Economist pretraining, he wrote Neumann's bio while The Economist Intel Unit & I published Chartering. Purpose XYZ can be a human web connector or any system influence that exp gravitates nets (people's life times and deepest societal data maps) around unique purposes. Resolving conflicts between purposes aims to value millennials as first renewable generation. My biases in addition to joy of diaspora scot worlds: dad of millennial daughter; & only speaking Kings English (not American) and Cambridge UK maths (not Harvard admin). Consider Gamesboard: play XYZ twinning good valley @ different starlogs: today 2012-14, 2009, 2001, 1982-4, 1965, 1884 . IN 1884 gov's family had lost their 13 year old Leland to water poisoning-so commenced university of future of all children-. How did engineers help exponentially update dates shown? Chapter 1 of our search for 1000 very good engineers or human intelligences will list 25 women & 25 men offering some clues updating The Economist's 1982 survey - why not silicon valley everywhere? - as well as royal society and commonwealth friends of King Charles ELM (English Language mediation), Men worth chartering include Jensen Huang, Jerry Yang, Maurice Chang, Steve Jobs, JFK Kennedy, Japanese Emperors since Charles was UK delegate to Tokyo Olympics 1964, Benioff fan of BJKings female intel superstars, Demis Hassabis Einstein's natural science gamester (Einstein published nature's chaotic maths 1905; ignored until Mr Hassabis & Ms Li's Computer Visioning changed world of academics). So which women greeted 30 year old Li's arrival in stanford 2009, or rooted 100th birthday of Stanford as university of future children in 1984 the year that Bill Gates & Steve Jobs invented PCs? Parenting seeks to -lovingly co-create - open minded networks to play in. Let's redefine education as developing intelligences. Map A4all of k-12, so linkin all our futures.
refs: starlog hypothesis of anyone who 2025 reports since 1984
Rewind forward of little sisters futures from 1984 - with special thanks to Valley Sisters starting with Ann Doerr & Condy Rice

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