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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

In terms of how history systematically spins what futures are possible, Diaspora Scots and Irish hold differential views although less than 0.75 of 8 billion human beings - thanks to adam smith observing before and after of boirth of engone power Glasgow and the fact that the irish were the number 1 network of american independence - according to bard 1776 free population in what became USA - 30% irish 30% other english speaking 40% Europe 

IN 73rd year of access to diaries of Neumann , Einstein Turing and 180th since Economsit diaries founded 1843, we recommend every nation's people maximise curiosity about future of intelligence now - come gamify who's advanmced humanity  AI Architecture of Intelligence eg at bard.siolar and 20 other millennail centgric jobs c0-blogs since 2007

In addition to net's framing of crises that the the launch of brainworking machines would need to mediate (Neumann Ning) We are concerned especially between 5 expoenential conflicting system design risks

nature made versus articifial (Ie man made engine power) since 1758 Smith 

nature & women empowered versus man-made & carbon powered over (although the purpose of eu messina 1955 where dad was only journmalist, common ag policy ended tranoarent economics of hiamn  vs machine energy ; when fazle abed was nearly executed by his em;plolyer royal dutch shell 1970, consdequence became miracle of large poor population ntion building around village womnen)  

global village asian consciousness & female leapfrog versus carbon man supreme leaders - from 2001 when the west's origina designers of 1984 globnal personal networking staged silicon valley debriefing with fazle abed on chnaging foundations of health and education sustems

neural networke womens humans youth intelligence and arts versus monetised olpd scoemce and interests of 100 richest men still mainly white monetised- scale of cpomputaional and deep data comapss was demonstarted from 2012 to chnage every opportunity of every human being; by 2015 ai4all sample curricula for any age 5 up (eg dabce drawing) launched; 2017 melinda gayes chairs system design of UN2 if goals are to be walked and aiverygood parnered not just talked and PPP'd 

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