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Monday, January 9, 2023

2025report -last tangos with sustainability generation --23cvmac.docx


We believe healthy & educated societies develop strong intergenerational economies not vice versa. To misunderstand this is the world's biggest maths error. If we dont correct this urgently we humans will go the way of the dodo. Our belief goes back through witnesses in generations of my family - eg my father who served as teen a=naviagatir alled bomber command , Burma. Forty=unately dad survived, met Von Neumann in 1951, and agreed to be his correspondent of who does what with 100 times more tech per decade. Just as Adfam smith believed markets need a lot of work and a lot of us to know their qualities prices values etc- so too but may times moreso: Artificial Intels need a lot of work. We havent yet done much of that work ofr celebrated any of the maths/maps needed for AI to be our greatest public servants.    

These are Economistdiary's most urgent agendas to 2025 the date of our 1984 future history report- scroll to bottom for more on that or the middle to see where our mediation learbibg curve of sdgs 2&1 end hunger& end poverty started in 1843! and soon became Queen Victoria main external consultancy on English Constitution (2nd editor Bagehot)

or leap foeward to and with background notes at nings Neumann & Innovations backed up by our college SDGs.Games - eg since 2008 and arguably end poverty's 2 most important MOOCs Abed Yunus with thanks to -guest appearances by and & media4good

We aim to support UN2 every way we can- PARTCULATLY ITHS THREE MAIN DRIVERS:

 1 Change how lifelong learning and teaching time are spent both for under 30s (un digital cooperation) & over 30s (un digital capacity building) .

2 map the ying & yang of media & all other tech chnag- while world media change began 1865 with Telegrams Switzerland ITU , computational , energy and other tech multiplied far fatser from 1930s oordinated by Goats of maths N Veumann, Rinstein, et all -se 100 fold per decade scoop neumann asked the economist to continue surveying beyond the last 5 years of his life

3 The 2020s need 20 something goars of life who cooperate with each other and gutrrres and youth as firest sustainability generation 

We are particularly excited to see the before after and during action learning cooperatiosn of UN Summit Future 2024

Our Glasgow Adam Smith friends are co-sg=haring 265th moral sentimenst summo=it June 2023 as one prep on the road to sum,it furye 2024 - do you have aNY ROADS TO SHARE

This is the first math of gov empowering people and humnising artificial intel we jave seen in 72 years od searching. That's when dad The Economist's youth sub-editor met Von Neumann in priceton Neumann asked whetehr Economist journalists would be interested in the scoop what gpods can peoples unite wir=th 100 times more tech per decade. Dortunatly elders of The Economist in 1951 were coordinated by Geoffrey Crowther who had just written the nentenary of The economsit to 1943. Clearly in the middle of wat Crowther could only  concluded The Economsit must do better to succeed in hanging the world of the 8 empires (about 15% of people) who had brough war to everyone whilst ecluding the vAST Mority of humans from engineering

 Arguably James Wilson founder of The Economist was 22 years ahead of him time, or may be not. I he hadn't started his Royal Society yes-we-can change empire in 1843 he wouldnt have engaged 2-someting Victoria. And indeed their first success wend corn laws starvation of the Irish came too late for another 150 yeras of hatred and terror spun between London and Ireland. James Greatest attempt at a startup - a bank for and by the peopel of India cost him his life. His first state of ll india finaces in 1860 was warmly reveived but soon after he died of darrhea Calcutta 1960. It was toi be another 112 yeras before women bamked for and built the nation of Bangladesh- their enterprises wouldnt have lifted off wothout oral rehydration- the know vilage mothers needed to prevent a thord of inhants in the human cliate dying from dirrhea. 

What hapened in 1865 : the firrst world wide communications system began toi be built by telegramns out of Switzerland. About 30 years after James's death it was the telgram that made Gandhi old world famous with London concerened that the exploit=ts f the dirst barr of London barrister were not mnerely serving his hom city but mobilising 3-in-one movements - Inda S Africa and London. 


2025 report -retropsective review 2010 by former Economisyt Science editir Viscount Ridley

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