Thanks to Jen-Hsun best week intel on computer & brain since Neumann briefing 1956
One day Jensen Huang may make ED's AI Hall of fame redundamt, meanwhileFeb 2024 what a treat- Nvidia ceo explains freedom of million times more comp coming to community near you..Entrepreneurial Revolutions intergenerational laureates origin Von Neumann's NET; dedicated to Royals of UK, Japan, Netherlands UK Royal Society's Economist James Wilson 1843+. Adam Smith/James Watt Morality 1758+ -
1970-2019 : Fazle Abed 1 billion women;;; 1994 onwards Fei-Fei Li with thanks to friends of Steve Jobs, Melinda Gates and Taiwanese Americans for Humanity:: correct errors chief ignorance networker: chris.macrae wash dc writes: please see for review of 23 as year of Chat and why/how we discuss with bard 24 as year of intelligence action and breakthroughs of ; also why King Charles launch of AI world Series (Bletchley-Korea-Paris-NY sept 2024) is our fav short youtube of 23..also for parents consider .Dec 2023 Royal Institution Lecture on AI
Intelligence Games:Who's advanced human lot most since 1950 & Now?: Help ED with Intelligence Humanity's top 100 transcripters 21st C Neuro-First 5+2 : Li ...Hassabis Lecun Bengio Hinton: Ilya SOriginal brainworkers NET : Neumann Einstein TuringDeep Learning Actions .. Grant, Freire, Borlaug23-24Womens Urgent Melinda Gates, PChan BJKing YunaKim MsT&T CRice 1 .. JDoudno LIbrahim .. 1 .. 2 MDonelan 1.. 2 .. 3 RRoy 1 :: 2 .. JWidom Quadir Abdul Latif Li Ka-shing MCrow ASU .1 2. Awuah CYidanInterdependence West-East Systems 4 JFK, Deming, Drucker, VogelRoyal 3 King Charles JapanEmp NetherlamdsRoyalsFaulty Vision 84:::01:::09:::17: JAB 2001: Jobs . Abed BillGatesMultilateral LLM 3 JYKim AGuterres .. 1.. Ska-MozaTaiwan's 3J JNvidia & JStanfordTrustees &JosephValley 20 Pichai Dean Andreesen Ng Koller Etchemedy SalesforceCeo Musk ... Seattle 3: Etzioni &More coming soon

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

update of upcoming events valuing younger half of world most- happy to share more details before/after

 yidan prize and luminaries update -download with special thanks to co-editors of - a meta-alumni movement celebrating 50 years of empowerment of billion asian women ending poverty served by sir fazle abed BRACoop-   with oxford vice chancellor may 28 

-virtual bloomberg summit in qatar with hillary clinton jim yong kim ... june 

 unga76 likely to be blended ny second half september -see our blog

 t20 final updates to bring to glasgow/italy cop26 - blended ital and virtual cop26 - see our extensive notes

3 asian education summits december
yidan hong kong
rewired21 dubai
wise 2021 doha
yidan luminaries panel download

Dear christopher ,

Hello and good day or evening, depending on where you are in the world!

The Yidan Prize Conference Series: Europe 2021 will kick off in three days! We are excited to be meeting many of you and we look forward to welcoming you on our virtual conference platform. As a reminder, we will be recording our sessions for future use on our social media platforms.


Attendee guide

In preparation of that, we have put together a handy guide that will walk you through our platform and help you get the most out of the conference.

Curious to know more about our sessions and timings? Find our agenda here and check here for your local time zones.


On the day – Friday, 28 May 2021

The conference platform will open an hour before the event (1pm BST; please remember, the conference starts at 2PM BST!). We encourage you to login on to the platform ahead of Friday and familiarise yourself with the layout, functions, and how to join the sessions.


We’re here to help

Our friendly conference team members are also available to offer you help should you encounter any difficulties or problems. We can be reached at this email before and on the day ( of the conference, or alternatively, you can use the Help Desk function on our platform to chat with us on the day.


Follow us on social media

Don’t forget to check out Oxford’s Department of Education’s Twitter page ( and follow our tweets through the #YidanPrizeConferenceSeries. We will be live tweeting throughout the event to capture conference highlights and interesting quotes from our world-leading speakers and panellists.


See you on Friday!

Best wishes,

The Yidan Prize Conference Organising Committee

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