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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

ceec format

china meets ceec countries (east of european union) typically annually to map belt road and discuss trading win-wins- i9n 2019 greece joined ceec's 17 countries

many hugely value the china europe express - which has now completed 5000 trips across continent (particularly valuable for landlocked nations freight)

west of ceec on the med sea we have italy - during the heights of the silk road 1000-1500 italy helped to coordinate med sea as gateway top be;t road in positive way (exact oppoiste of eu ploicy which ja exasperate refugee crises)

to east of ceec turkey is the gateway coungtry between europe's southerb med sea and asia
in the week after 2019's g20 xi jinping hosted meeting with turkey's ;leder and bulgaria's ;leader

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