IOG Future Forum - Annual Conference

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The art of government has faced few changes so existentially significant as the current wave of technological disruption. While the evolution of the state has been gradual but consistent, the development and implications of new technologies in the digital age have been both abrupt and radical. With declining public trust, changing citizen expectations, rising discontent and new threats to the existing state of affairs, the risk of government complacency is steadily increasing. As disruptive technologies shake up the status quo, for all the risks and rewards that will come with this, these technologies also provide new solutions and novel opportunities for improving and enhancing government. With technologies advancing more quickly than ever, the future has never been closer;
The IOG’s Annual Future Forum conference brings together thought leaders from around the world to discuss how government can mitigate risks and take advantage of the opportunities coming with the new industrial revolution. While prior IOG conferences have traditionally focused on the impact of digital technologies, the lines between these technologies and other radical advances are becoming less clear, and less meaningful. This new two-day event will host decision-makers, public intellectuals, academics, and industry leaders to address important policy issues stemming from new technologies. It seeks not only to effect a paradigm-shift among participants, but to create an environment where solutions can begin to emerge.