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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

dint get to mit100k this year - congrats to semi-finalists


Agrozone is a one stop shop solution for farmers that integrates in an app, Big Data predictive analytics algorithm and a marketplace that analyzes weather, soil, geo-localization and image recognition data. It identifies crop health issues and suggests in real time sustainable agricultural practices and a mix of agro-inputs, boosting yield. It also allows them to buy instantly, aggregating the demand in an online market-place with other farmers that have similar requirements in the region.


We have developed an aluminum based clean fuel with 30x the energy density of lithium batteries, requires no oxygen, produces no emissions, and reacts at low temperature. It has been successfully demonstrated in a portable 3kW generator built for the Marines and we are currently working with Lincoln Labs to develop a compact high energy density power system for dismounted soldiers. Following this we will pursue civilian applications where batteries underperform (marine, camping, power banks).

Analytical Space -

Analytical Space's optical data-relay satellites will help small satellite operators get more of their data to the ground at speeds and costs comparable to cellular LTE, all using their existing hardware. With new small satellite deployments growing at 30% per year, this new and essentially ignored market will grow to an annual $50-$100M by the end of the decade. Leveraging low cost, off-the-shelf parts and tech transfer opportunities, we'll get to market within 18 months.

AquaFresco -

AquaFresco is reinventing the $50B cleaning market, including laundry, car-wash, and industrial cleaning. We developed a novel close-loop water recycle technology that can cut water and detergent use in cleaning by 95%. With the AquaFresco system, our customers can use just one batch of soapy water to do cleaning like laundry for couple months. Collectively, we can save millions of gallons of water and detergent every year.


In many low income countries aquaculture is a large and growing industry. For example, in Bangladesh it comprises over 5.5% of GDP. Dissolved Oxygen is crucial for fish growth. Our device helps increase dissolved oxygen in the water without the use electricity. Using our device and increasing dissolved oxygen can result in a 25% increase in income for the farmers while reducing amount of feed required by 15% resulting in increased earnings of ~30%.

Astraeus Technologies

Lung Cancer is the leading cancer killer worldwide. Current screening guidelines call for CT scans that are harmful and expensive. Our solution - the L-CARD - is a simple gas sensor that detects gases unique to the exhaled breath of patients with lung cancer, and sends a diagnosis to a smartphone. Our noninvasive screening test can be made for less than a dollar, and can be shipped anywhere inside an envelope.

Bitmask -

As demonstrated by the NSA revelations, all your Internet communications can be easily spied on. Bitmask provides the ability for you to host your own bullet-proof VPN and e-mail provider for yourself, your friends, and your company. While there's lots of 'snake-oil' from companies in this space, ours is the only open-source and open-standards solution that is suitable for government and enterprise deployment. We have a 100K high-risk users already, ranging from Laura Poitras to Iranian dissidents.

brEDcrumb -

brEDcrumb provides 1.5M+ underserved students a trail to college and provides colleges a cost effective way to improve their outreach in underserved communities. We connect underserved high schoolers with undergraduates or recent graduates who have shared backgrounds while also providing technology resources that remove barriers to college application. By using volunteers and technology, brEDcrumb creates new applicants for colleges at a fraction of the collective $6B they currently pay in admissions recruiting expense

Chibitronics -

Chibitronics aims to combine art making with circuit building to engage more broader and more diverse audiences in learning and creating their own technologies. We invented the circuit sticker toolkit to enable artists, educators and makers to build circuits and learn programming using arts and crafts techniques learning circuit theory while engaging in a new medium for self expression. By introducing engineering through arts and crafts, we make circuit building magical, friendly and fun.

Cogito -

Cogito is a "central nervous system" for modern datacenters. Cogito takes disparate collections of tens of thousands of servers and applications, which today function independently, and makes them run coherently. It deploys lightweight agents that capture and send sensory events to a "brain", which makes intelligent decisions and orchestrates sensible actions across the infrastructure. Cogito achieves performance, system availability, and security impossible today, increasing revenues and infrastructure efficiency.

ConnectMed -

ConnectMed is an online medical platform designed for the African context that offers low cost, on demand doctor consults over video along with other needed healthcare services through intelligent technology solutions to patients of all income groups. In South Africa alone, patients spend almost $700 million dollars on GP visits per year and given the research shows 40% of these visits can be handled virtually, this creates a $275 million dollar market opportunity. This scales to almost ($990m) in the rest of Africa.


De-Ice has developed the first-ever fully electric, on-plane de-icing technology for the aerospace industry. Our device makes de-icing 50% cheaper and an average of 30+ minutes faster than incumbent solutions. Best of all, our technology completely eliminates 500 million gallons of glycol per year in the U.S. alone. The market for our technology is over $20 billion globally and includes commercial airlines, freight, and the military. To-date, our company has already been approached by Airbus, Boeing, and SpaceX. - allows live video broadcasters to build far more engaging and interactive viewing experiences, which open up new revenue opportunities in news, education, sports, and e-commerce. Our working prototype at demonstrates the power and possibilities of integrating second-screen information into the video player. We combine this with the internet's first vertical search engine for live video to create new ways to connect with and grow audiences that can be monetized.

DoneGood -

More and more of us want to support businesses doing good for people and the planet. But finding those companies can be hard. The DoneGood app and website make it easy to find businesses and events that share your values. Enter the kind of product and the values that matter to you (like "green," "supports workers," and more) and then instantly see businesses you can feel good about supporting. Together, we can support more companies doing the right thing and encourage other companies to follow suit. Together, we can change the way the world does business.

dueminuti -

Millennials are looking for healthy meals that are socially responsible and respectful of food allergies and preferences. However, most fast casual restaurants rely heavily on meat to provide proteins. Dueminuti offers healthy Italian pasta that solves this problem. Our proprietary pasta formula, naturally rich in vitamins and proteins, is combined with sauces made only of fresh and local ingredients to create a perfectly balanced meal that is also a gourmet experience.


Ear infections affect 22m children under the age of 14. It is challenging to diagnose and is the primary reason for physician visits and antibiotic over-prescription. EarID is an easy-to-use tool that improves diagnosis sensitivity and accuracy to assist physicians promote "watchful waiting" as a treatment option by simultaneously capturing and analyzing multiple conditions in the middle ear to ultimately reduce over-prescription and save the U.S. healthcare system up to $2B each year.

ecofit -

ecofit is fitbit for your environmental impact. An app for iPhone and Android, it accurately pinpoints and passively tracks your carbon footprint over time, compares it to your friends and gives you tailored advice on the most efficient actions to reduce it. By empowering you to understand your impact and linking you to the latest in green solutions, ecofit captures private value while generating social returns. ecofit: track your carbon footprint, fight climate change.


Our team is developing a unique Virtual Scribe for healthcare providers that integrates into existing electronic medical records (EMR). We call her EVA, an EMR-Virtual-Assistant. EVA is a voice driven mobile application that uses natural language processing and machine learning to automate intuitive, on-the-go clinical workflow in conjunction with EMRs. She helps providers enter lab orders, query patient data, and quickly create structured medical notes.

Eximchain -

Eximchain helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) finance and execute import-export transactions with far greater simplicity, security, and affordability. SMEs account for nearly half of global trade and yet struggle to access trade-finance services due to costly, fragmented, and archaic intermediaries. Leveraging blockchain technology, Eximchain will create a P2P-lending platform for such SMEs. We will provide financial inclusion by eliminating intermediaries that collect $39bn in fees annually.


FactoryShop aims to make the manufacturing industry more affordable and transparent. We help factories procure emergency custom-made metal parts cheaply and reliably. By creating a shared economy of small machine shops, FactoryShop removes the surcharges traditionally associated with urgent parts deliveries and enables factories cut their lead time by 55%.

Flare -

We know every second matters in an emergency. At Flare, we are building a mobile app to help patients in Africa access ambulances. We are working to reduce wait times from hours to minutes. Today, the problem is not due to a lack of ambulances as most operate between 10-30% capacity. Rather, it's because there is no single line to call and ambulances do not have an integrated dispatch system. We are looking to impact the 70 million Africans who experience an emergency each year.


Small shippers don't have the capacity to access the best shipping rates because freight brokers apply an average 12.5% fee per shipment, partially for no-value-added activities. Truck drivers have a hard life and an average annual salary of $40,000 is not enough to attract new workforce in an industry that expects 240K vacant positions in five years. FR8 is a state-of-the-art on-demand platform for long-distance freight that makes shippers pay less and drivers earn more.

gomango -

In India, 40% of all food produced -- $8 billion worth -- rots on its way to market because it is too expensive to keep that food cold en route. India's farmers, fishermen, and food producers simply cannot afford the diesel-guzzling refrigerated trucks that would help them sell high-quality goods at the best prices in the right markets. Gomango's low-cost, sensor-equipped refrigerated boxes, rentable on demand, will turn any truck or train into a high-value refrigerated one.


Sepsis kills millions of people annually, is the leading cause of death for critically ill patients, and represents a $35 billion market. We invented a technology that removes from the bloodstream the chemical signaling agents that are responsible for sepsis. Animal studies reveal 100% survival in a model of sepsis that is otherwise uniformly lethal. No competing technology can boast such efficacy. Our platform technology is simple, scalable and positioned to transform this lucrative market.

Hive Maritime -

Hive Maritime helps the shipping industry save billions of wasted dollars by optimizing routes around congested choke points. By forecasting traffic in the world's ports and canals weeks in advance, Hive will optimize a ship's course and speed to minimize fuel expenditure, reduce machinery failures, improve cargo throughput, and prevent contractual late fees, adding directly to the bottom line of struggling carriers and bringing one of the oldest and largest industries into the 21st century.

Humon -

Humon is a sports wearable company empowering athletes with actionable insights about their body, pushing them to their optimal performance. We've built the first thigh worn wearable that non-invasively measures the way muscles use oxygen in real time. We use this unique data to provide endurance athletes with personalized live recommendations to help them train at their body's limit, optimize warm up, manage recovery and beat their personal best.

Kinetic Vision

Oil wells are expensive to drill. They get clogged surprisingly frequently, each one failing once a year. Because of the uncertainty in when they will fail, oil companies replace their wells much earlier than they need to be. We have technology that can look at tiny deformations in the beams that are used to pump the well to predict when the well will fail. Oil companies can then delay well replacement without risking downtime.

Leuko -

20% of chemotherapy patients develop fevers while severely immunosuppressed, a life-threatening condition. If doctors could identify when patients become immunosuppressed, medications could be prescribed to reduce the risk of developing fevers. However, current immunosuppression assessment methods require travel to healthcare centers, inherently limiting the frequency of testing. Leuko is overcoming this barrier by creating the first portable, non-invasive neutrophil test, enabling on-demand immune system monitoring.

Lost Tea -

We have uncovered the secret that makes tea great. It's called theanine. It improves concentration, improves memory, and promotes cognitive well-being. We source farm to table high theanine teas from China and bring people of different backgrounds together to make new friends over relaxed conversation at our weekly tastings.

Lux Labs -

We are an advanced optical materials company built upon a patented technological breakthrough which allows us to control light based on its angle. We invented a nano-scale film that filters light selectively which will create better devices, significantly reduce energy consumption, and improve renewable energy capture. Our products will enhance displays of electronic devices, dynamically regulate the brightness and temperature of buildings, and improve the efficiency of LEDs and solar cells.

Nature Global -

Over one billion room air conditioners (AC) are installed throughout the world. Most of them are still controlled by decades-old technology, and are not connected to the internet. The lack of an intelligent control leads to problems ranging from discomfort to electricity grid failures. Nature is developing Smart AC Plug, which will provide a universal, intelligent control solution for the room ACs, removing pain from consumers and managing electricity demand peaks for utilities.


NoUV is creating novel tanning beds & devices that offer skin tanning without cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation


200M children and adults suffer from respiratory disease in sub-Saharan Africa, the poorest region on earth. The magnitude of this problem is staggering. Greater than 1M children <5yrs die each year from pneumonia. WHO has indicated that 35% of these kids can avoid risk of death by being treated with oxygen concentrators at hospitals in Africa. We have designed a remotely monitored oxygen delivery solution with solar backup that will save 35K lives each year.

Odego -

Odego allows customers to schedule oil changes for their car in a quick, pain-free way by getting a local and certified US military veteran technician to provide the service at the customer's home or office location of choice. No auto shops. No driving. No waiting. No hassle. Removing the brick and mortar location frees up land space, increases margins, and allows us to share the captured value with our veteran technicians.


OtoScreen is a low-cost, easy to use, smartphone based medical device designed to establish a workflow of newborn hearing loss screening in developing countries and mobile health clinic settings.


Plantae is a sensor technology that monitors plant growth parameters such as ATP and glucose levels in real-time to help farmers increase their food production. Our beachhead market is hydroponic farming, which is $17bn worldwide. Farmers do not have the necessary knowledge and measurement capabilities to maximize food production. Our vision is to build self-sustaining plant growth systems that automatically set growth conditions for maximum food production, with minimum human involvement or farming know how.

Poly6 Technologies -

Poly6 is combating environmental destruction by introducing high performance sustainable materials to society. The Global Bioplastics industry is exploding (33% CAGR) and is projected to reach $31B/year by 2020. Our first product, Citrene, is a novel plastic made from citrus waste that exhibits performance, processing and environmental advantages while maintaining price parity with incumbent products.

Rendever -

7 out of 10 Americans will need long-term care solutions in their lifetime. Rates of depression in these environments can be as high as 50%, creating a substantial physical, mental and financial burden. In turn, depression in many cases can lead to comorbid diseases such as COPD and heart disease, with preventable care costing over $20,000 annually. As such, we have created a virtual reality platform to offer stimulation, therapy and family/social connectivity to help address these medical issues before they arise.


Bringing a drug to a market requires 13 years, costing $1.7 B with a 10% success rate. This low success rate caused many safe-to-market drugs sitting on shelves. ReviveMed is a computational drug repurposing platform that rescues these drugs; for example, repurposing a shelved anti-nausea drug to treat blood cancer. Our technology is the 1st first tool to leverage global metabolomics for this purpose. It is developed at MIT and demonstrated in an Huntington's disease model.

Roots Studio -

Roots Studio digitizes art from rural villages and transforms them into high-end and storied products, eliminating the burden of a costly supply chain through licensing. In 2 years, we have worked with hundreds of villagers across Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. Through our design hubs and top design team, we enable artwork to be uploaded and discovered by retail markets that appreciate culturally authentic designs. We have received $30,000 in revenue and raised $135,000 in grants.

Roundabout Therapeutics

Multidrug resistant infections affect more than 2 million patients each year, resulting in morbidity and extended hospital stay, and claiming more lives than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. Better antibiotics are desperately needed. We have discovered a novel metabolic pathway that drives bacterial pathogenicity. Drugging this pathway inhibits virulence factors involved in pathogen infectiveness. These new compounds can be used alone or with known drugs to improve outcomes and reduce resistance evolution.

Smile and Learn -

Smile and Learn works on improving children's education thanks to mobile technologies and Big Data. We are a tech editorial made up by educators, developers and artists. Our product is a multi-device smart platform where children can interact with the stories and games designed by our educators. The platform collects performance data and identifies learning needs feeding back this information to the parent and educator.

Solstice -

80% of America is locked out of the solar market because they cannot install solar on their roof. Solstice expands the clean energy market by rapidly deploying community-shared solar at low-cost and at scale. We do this by creating a viral solar community--we tap the power of organizations and incentivize local "Solstice Leaders" to earn extra income by enrolling their friends digitally. With community solar, friends enjoy clean energy at no upfront cost and and save money on their electric bill every month.

Solugen -

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is the green chemical oxidant of the future and is projected to be a $7 billion market by 2020. While H2O2 breaks down into just water and oxygen, the current production process is environmentally unfriendly, dangerous, capital intensive and requires the final product to be transported over thousands of miles. At Solugen, our bio-inspired and patented approach achieves a green, safe, and scalable process for the onsite and on-demand production of H2O2 that cuts costs by 20x.

Splash -

Dehydration is an avoidable problem for the elderly, but care facilities lack the tools. Annual Medicare spend on avoidable elderly hospitalizations for dehydration is +$1.5 billion and rising, and dehydration is an identified root cause in hospitalizations for falls and infections. Our MIT team has developed a patent pending hydration-sensing wearable that can monitor hydration better than anything currently in the market, to allow care facilities to improve hydration management, and minimize hospitalizations.

Spyce -

Spyce has developed the world's first completely automated restaurant. A Spyce Kitchen cooks and serves delicious meals from fresh ingredients with no human involvement. Spyce restaurants will revolutionize the fast food industry by operating with extremely low overhead, serving higher quality, healthier meals. A Spyce Kitchen occupies only 20 sq ft of space and can service locations such as office buildings or department buildings that do not currently have their own hot meals options.

Swift Calcs -

Swift Calcs enables users to effortlessly create and collaborate on interactive computational documents, from any device. We bring modern cloud-based, user-centric design paradigms to the computational software space -- a market desperate for disruption.


Globally, 1.2 billion people lack access to electricity and existing solutions are constrained by high cost and limited scalability. uLink is a smart device that has power routing, payments and resource management capabilities which enable low cost, quickly deployable and easily scalable microgrids. We tap into the $3.1 billion market of underserved communities by selling uLink to energy service providers and generate recurring revenue through transaction fees for electricity traded on uLink platform.

Velocirider -

In the US, bicycle crashes lead to an average of 700 fatalities and 34,000 injuries per year, making cycling proportionally the most dangerous mode of transportation. Velocirider is a computer-vision system that warns the rider of major dangers on the road: turning cars, opening car doors, approaching pedestrians and more. It's the size of a fist, fits on the handlebar, costs $99, and offers a safer trip to 60 million bicyclists in the US.

Welcome Home -

To address the affordable housing crisis in our cities, we rent singles below market rate. By doubling rooms using an innovative partition, but charging less per room, we create a surplus that we split with the landlord. Out of 55+ interviews, 73% of renters in our beachhead market of middle-income people under 35 and 80% of landlords were excited about our idea. Our team of law, design, and engineering students are the target market.

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