welcome to home of global youth's greatest survey - who do you linkin as world record job creators? where is happiest space young people or their mentors can be- brac always on - and you tell us

Timelines Partnerships in world record job creation:
1972 The Economists' UG clarifies Sustainability Millennials Exponentials depend on how 4000 times more budget is spent on GTC -Global Tech Cmmunications- 2030 versus 1946. How? doubling of spend every 7 years -eg 46 to 53 von neumann computing ; 63-70 start of era of satellites ,moon landing, moores law computer chips -help timeline by place and jobs opportunity at www.futurecapitalism.tv - also summaries in right hand sidebar.Please note many 2015 postings DIARISE BACK FROM FUTURE SO YOU CAN JOIN IN!


Monday, August 1, 2016

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/south-central-telehealth-forum-2016-registration-19411635725 will thus be america's best telehealth conference ever- still soe destaiuls to check out - we ubderstoof arkansas was lead state in community broadband experiments in thsi field - very exciting the arkansas experince appeared last time we attended debriefing

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