help ALI report 2018-2019 Mass Collaboration 1 2 3 and Sustainability Student Livelihoods Year is turning out weird, at end of year:
june 2019 AIIB (world leader in new dev banking_ is being hosted by EU epicentre of big old banking - luxembourg, and
july sees a truncated year for preparing Japan G20 because somehow Argentina was allowed to postpone Franciscan G20 to Nov 2018 coming after the world bank oct 2018 from indonesia where theme of world development report is Livelihoods, and where the billion dollar bank partnership with aiib aims to be world class benchmark for ending slums. Asean's leading economist Mahbubani brings out his second provocation - have americans lost it, alongside can asians think- it takes 2 to win-win trade as well as tango. This most co-creative student year kicks off from Joburg BRICS in early September the start of the UNGA year sees handover from E Europe to Ecuador meanwhile the newest of Guterres entrepreneurial revolution committees led by melinda gates and jack ma has been asked to report by march 2019 in time for the greatest sustainability summit ever hosted as 100 national leaders collaborate around maps- beijing's BRI May 2019 rsvp with good news special mentions - shanghai hosts first world expo only for foreign exhibitors nov 2018- archives 2013 mainly silk road and BRI - 2012 mainly education

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 year our 4th generation leader died -help us compile unacknowledged newsletetrs

obituaries to unacknowledged norman macrae 1  2  3 4
his grand-daughter remembers

other videos
the birth of the european union
how world war 2 destroyed transparency of the poeples news -bbc = purpose of pub;lic owned broadcastinmg

prince chalers organsier of green movements calls for obama to live up to 2008 promioses to youtyh you can

jim kim invitesd youth to take IT on and hack the wprld bank

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