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 AHealthI - all 3 of most massive engineering connectors love health ai ( Jensen Huang, Demis Hassabis, Fei-Fei Li); biggest leap yet is billion man years work which Hassabis AI 250 million proteins database Alphafold2 Jewel in Crown of King Charles AI summit Cambridge/London/Mountain View _ some in silico links Hassabis-UK - Isomorrhic Labs; Huang Recursion/Siemens Healthineers; genentech; Valley AI women Daphne Koller & Priscilla Chan CZI, .. Melinda Gates, Nobel Jennifer Doudna - more at & 1

Sunday, December 31, 1995

2024 - welcome to year 30 of chartering leaders purposes- first published with Economist Intelligence Unit 1995, Chartering designs network leadership round core Q&A starting with purpose- who would uniquely miss what if your identity did not exist- good practice chooses at least 3 whos? eg investors, society, next generation (best customers, smartest intelligence data modellers ... partners) - governance requires showing win-wins between trust makers-breakers of whats 

Can you help search out purpose of trillion dollar markets millennials will need most - examples 

1 how does market of money need to be designed to celebrate dev of every 21st c child

2 how design food/water - human energy at every last mile

3 last mile health

4 access to livelihood ed- personal learning agencies - for all

5 empowerment of women to be as productive and free as men or any historically undervalued segment

My dad Norman debated intelligence with Economist readers over half a century; that's because editor Geoffrey Crowther review of The Economist's first 100 years showed that academic economists and weekly journalists had exponentially failed to see world change by engineers; dad was sent from London 1951 to NY-Princeton US to be trained on leadership interviews by Neumann (Einstein-Turing)

When i first read last notes of von Neumann "Computer & Brain" I was shocked to see half a century gap between what NET expected of engineers of brainworkers and autonomous service age. This gap was only bridged when several genii changed Artificial Intel futures in 2012:
Fei-Fei Li's purpose and all her edu partners at stanford
Hassabis Purpose - and all his games (natural science) designers purposes London, Cambridge, Valley
Jensen Huang and his purpose of million times less costly supercomputing and the first foundations he supported including womens ai-4-all with Li & Melinda Gates
King Charles wished for English language AI across commonwealth...

Footnote !984 was Macrae family's 33rd annual report "2025report" of NET (Neumann-Einstein-Turing) Futures for humanity. We mapped opposite end game to Orwellian Big Brother designing little sister community ; transformation of education; valuing sustainability as primarily collaboration goals
Since 2001 California's (Pacific Coastal) Womens and Youth Ai advaqnces have primarily aligned trust multipliers across communities. Nvidia and Taiwanese Americans eg Hung, Su, Yang Tsai, Chang, Tang (also see female more Asian AUS Immigrants Li (China) , Priscilla Chan (Vitnam), Lila Ibrahim Lebanon), Keller (Israel), Roy (Canadian-Lebanese) (possible bridges eg Tokyo Mayor Koike Alam Mater Cairo U, Sheika Moza world edu laureates and and UN number 1 partner in refugee education/ai) offer many open (co-pilot, digital twins, deep local data sovereignty) sightings such as
AI is personal computers - see eg Dell
AI in workstations eg Hewlett Packard already
AI Disaster Weather Alerts - Taiwan and Weather Company (nb tv weather forecasters already practice local workstation access to huge LMs - why not many sorts of community forecasting making nighly news sustainably smart)
AI Desert transformation - UAE
AI Civil Engineering/Architecture - Siemens. NB i fully accept Gemini's criticism that far more broadly Siemens aims to linkin following futures: 
  • Technology Company: Siemens is a leading technology company with a presence in various industries.
  • Focus Areas: Their core areas include industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare.
  • Specific Solutions: Within these areas, they offer solutions like:
    • Industry: Factory automation, resource efficiency, and digitalization for manufacturing.
    • Infrastructure: Smart grids, intelligent buildings, and sustainable transportation systems.
    • Transport: Rolling stock, rail automation, and intelligent traffic systems.
    • Healthcare: Medical imaging technology, diagnostics, and digital health solutions. (Siemens Healthineers, a separate company, focuses on this area).
AI supercity public-street videos - Tokyo & NTT
Decolonial AI including small island Agriculture - Barbados; Key national farmers value chains Kenya
Pharma IN Silico : ... Keller & ...

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