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Friday, December 31, 1993

1993 year worlds fav company born ...& First 10 years of 2025 reporting completed 1983-1994 - Swedens New Vikings

Most of 1993 collects snapshots of 31 years in Nvidia rising as arguably the intelligence company benchmark  every millennials education needs to include - browse examples to make up your deep mind! 


see Macraes' Economistdiary 1984

this year family turned to launches of von neumann biography 

new Vikings published in Sweden 1993

English manuscript 55 pages avaialable at cost of photocopying - please note  norman macrae's final proof cvopy is all that exists in English - to see sample page reproduction free - rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Bethsda +1 240 316 8157



The Swedish Employers' Confederation asked me to write this naughty little book in 1992-3 because in 1982-3 my son and I wrote a wider and naughtier one. In Britain this came out intime to offer an alternative endgame to Orwell's Big Brother and was titled The 2024 Report - a concise future history of 1974-2024. The main American version was called 2025 Report as it came out a year later. A French version was called Rapport 2026.

In these previous future histories there was one main event of the 1980s before scaling of digital webs of 1990s. The 1980s positive scenario was Communism Disappears. According to out future histories the Berlin Wall came down on Helige Nacht Chrismas eve, 1989. Since in real life it came down about 6 weeks earlier, I hope this cheerful future history of Sweden is also about 6 weeks too pessimistic. 

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