Scot James Wilson dies in year 2 of chartering taxes & financial services piloting Queen Victoria's vision commonwealth across india subcontinent - 112 year later fazle abed and 1billiongirls picked up where James parted; by now Economist was in 22nd year of Von Neumann AI survey ...INTEL of week 4/24 "Cyber-Physical Internet (CPI): Sending and receiving manufactured products just like sending and receiving instant messages" host UN

Latest news. from UN Guterres+30 - CEB
In tribute to 8 billion humans cooperations during covid our diary reserves 2020 for upcoming global village zoom innovations of digital futures for humanity, and we celebrate 2021 with updating aide memoire of what college students (& millennial generation & bottom of pyramid cooperation networkers) need to help the UN empower however much the establishment tries to drown them in debt or ban them from accessing the greatest brain cooperation tools to be evolving in 8th decade of Neumann AI multipliers where the analytical capacity of artificial brains outpaces the humans by many orders of magnitude but the ability of humans to advance each other and prevent extinction is only as good as the depth of data mapped
how to mix web3 for sustainability - good blockchain- good chatgpt; sdg storytellers on metaverse- daos for sdgs -eg DG4 -world class brands on 5th decade of chartering brand leaders for sustainability - at the start of 1990s we challenged 20th C media experts not to get involved with greenwashing - see the brand architecture practice we established
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Sunday, January 26, 1992

blomberg live by & global

 our Agenda:

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 | 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

9:30 AM - 12:35 PM | Morning Mainstage Session
1:45 PM - 5:00 PM | Afternoon Mainstage Session

9:30 AM EDT - Welcome Remarks

  • Meg Szabo, Senior Editor, Bloomberg Green & Sustainability Events

9:35 AM EDT - Zurich Sponsor Spotlight: The Sum of All Actions 

  • Mario Greco, Group Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Insurance Company 
  • Sebastião Salgado, Photographer & Founder, Instituto Terra

9:40 AM EDT - Leaders with Lacqua Goes Green: Gina McCarthy

  • Gina McCarthy, National Climate Advisor, The White House
  • Moderator: Francine Lacqua, Editor-At-Large & Anchor, Bloomberg TV

10:05 AM EDT - Forging a Regenerative Food System

  • Rachel Drori, CEO, Daily Harvest
  • Ricky Silver, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Daily Harvest
  • Moderator: Carol Massar, Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek TV & Radio

10:30 AM EDT - Electrifying Ithaca: Accelerating Urban Decarbonization

  • Luis Aguirre-Torres, Director of Sustainability, City of Ithaca, NY
  • Donnel Baird, CEO, BlocPower
  • Tommy Freeman, Strategic Partnerships, Alturus
  • Taylor Rowe, Director of Customer & Capital Partnerships, The Clean Fight
  • Moderator: Amanda Kolson Hurley, Editor, Bloomberg Green

11:00 AM EDT - JLL Partner Spotlight: Return on Sustainability

  • Greg Bolino, Global Head of Sustainability Strategy & Asset Consulting, JLL
  • Moderator: Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green

11:10 AM EDT - Networking Break

11:30 AM EDT - Green Eyes in the Skies: Accelerating Climate Action

  • Rebecca Moore, Director, Google Earth, Earth Engine & Outreach

11:45 AM EDT - Changemaker Conversation: Quantumscape  

  • Jagdeep Singh, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman, QuantumScape 
  • Moderator: Akshat Rathi, Reporter, Bloomberg Green

12:05 PM EDT - General Motors Partner Spotlight: The All-Electric Future Must Also Be All-Inclusive

  • Hina Baloch, Executive Director, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Sustainability, Data Analytics & STEM Education Communications, General Motors
  • Moderator: Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green

12:15 PM EDT - Changemaker Conversation: EVgo 

  • Cathy Zoi, CEO, EVgo
  • Moderator: Kyle Stock, Senior Correspondent, Bloomberg Green

12:35 PM EDT - Morning Mainstage Programming Concludes

1:45 PM EDT - How Quickly Can Renewable Energy Power the World? 

  • Javier Blas, Energy & Commodities Columnist, Bloomberg Opinion
  • Liam Denning, Energy Columnist, Bloomberg Opinion
  • Moderator:Jennifer Zabasajja, Anchor, Bloomberg Quicktake

2:10 PM EDT - iShares Sponsor Spotlight: The Next Generation of Investment Trends: We’ve Only Scratched the Surface

  • Armando Senra, Head of iShares Americas, BlackRock
  • Moderator: Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green

2:15 PM EDT - The Next Era of Carbon Removal

  • Danny Cullenward, Policy Director, CarbonPlan
  • Nan Ransohoff, Head of Climate, Stripe
  • Peter Reinhardt, CEO & Co-Founder, Charm Industrial 
  • Moderator: Akshat Rathi, Reporter, Bloomberg Green

2:45 PM EDT - How I Got That Story 

  • Alex Anaviapik, Elementary School Counselor, Pond Inlet, Nunavut
  • Andrew Arreak, Regional Operations Lead, Qikiqtaaluk Region – Pond Inlet    SmartICE
  • Shelly Elverum, Fellow, Ashoka Canada 
  • Moderator: Danielle Bochove, Toronto Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News

3:05 PM EDT - Holcim Partner Spotlight: Circular Cities for Climate Action

  • Jan Jenisch, CEO, Holcim 
  • Moderator: Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green 

3:15 PM EDT - Networking Break

3:35 PM EDT - Changemaker Conversation: Jim Coulter 

  • Jim Coulter, Founder Partner & Executive Chairman, TPG
  • Moderator: Jason Kelly,  Chief Correspondent, Bloomberg QuickTake

4:00 PM EDT - The Earthshot Prize's Winning Climate Fix

  • Vaitea Cowan, Co-Founder, Enapter

4:10 PM EDT - Ralph Lauren Sponsor Spotlight: The Timelessness of Circular Design

  • Halide Alagöz, Chief Product and Sustainability Officer, Executive Sponsor of North Carolina D&I Team, Ralph Lauren
  • Moderator: Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green

4:15 PM EDT - Prepare for Takeoff: The Electric Aviation Era

  • Kyle Clark, Founder, BETA Technologies

4:30 PM EDT - The Power of Storytelling

  • David Sirota, Award-Winning Journalist & Bestselling Author
  • Moderator: Eric Roston, Reporter, Bloomberg Green 

4:55 PM - Closing Remarks

  • Meg Szabo, Senior Editor, Bloomberg Green & Sustainability Events

5:00 PM - Programming Concludes 

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