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Wednesday, March 11, 1970

 Lila Ibrahim 

(she had 20 years in Silicon Valley with intel's ceo Craig Barrett, then coursera/mooc and vc firm led by Doerrs which also funds Stanford climate school)- Lila is Hassabis code-layperson trying to make sure his brilliance connects with every good application area as well as AI for public good and so what i believe King Charles  tries to connect through royal societies and in natures case with BBC journalists. Hassabis may be the greatest maths mind ever - not an easy responsibility, and heck knows how much of British (or English-speaking world) Economy depends on him!! OK I'm being provocative cos I'd love to be told there is someone else who really knows whats AI next move for good especially out of Asia

Hassabis original office is close to British Library in London and indeed he studied at UCL and was sponsored by neuroscience networks of Welcome; so 2 the crick institute which is in same area of london and whomever leads Welcome in different expert practices may be worth double checking with

3 the actual 250 million alphafold's ecosystem of labs  seems to be hosted out of Hinxton in Cambridge - i dont know if there is more to find out from who's advancing what at eg EBI Search


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