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Sunday, September 3, 2017


==================day 1 of 30 news=wiki letter==========
all reporting errors solely fault of chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - i am here to learn too!

history of how brics became one of the fisrt world leaders summits to engage belt road and global2.0 networks


this year summit convened xiamen china 3 september following trade summit preview early august
NBD is the new development bank of the BRICS- currently adding about 7 projects at least 1 per country each year; first wave were green ; 2nd wave transport

BRICS=5 most growing economies at start of 21st c convenes annual collabiration summits -
multihemisphere china opportunity to discuss leadership partnerships from  hemisphere world trade routes represented by
Brazil, latin america - biggest summit g20 argentina july 2018
Russia includes Ice Road - linking in alaska and usa
India  - see concerns above 
China middle kingdom of eurasia and of fire-ice belts to usa
South Africa

rejuvenation of china is seeking out this future 2030-2015 designing billions of news jobs needed if under 30s are to be the sustainability generation

there appear to be 2 sorts of countries (and note regions can- and in terms kf world record youth job creation (1 2) need to vary a lot within big countries)- those that happily want more trade with china and a new approach to development

those who have concerns that this conflicts with their 20th C populist egos and power over the world

within the brics cluster - india seems to be the only unhappy country with china - seeing if modi comes to brics summit in september will be next test of this issue ( india's biggest stated concern has been china-pakistan corriidor - major new trade route of the belt); currently there is a hot question as to whether 19th century border agreements brokered by britain between india bhutan and china hold force;  east of india the belt road corridors of china through bangladesh and myanmar may get dragged into a overall questioning of how india and china resolve futures of all their borders

-longer term china and india have huge summit mutual interests- india stages g20 on 2019 and before that the aiib had hoped its 2018 summit staged out of mumbai would build goodwill- note aiib is an 80 plus nation process in assembling some of the biggest long term investments the world has ever seen - this which projects in aiib are loved by india becomes a key goodwill instrument

worldwide - usa may be the unhappiest country - but truly this is about usa relearning win-win relationships with every nation as well as its own civil war between old and youth (elders in usa have bankrupted (read sachs book on america) the nation from investing in anything under 30s in rest of the world value leaving us youth in a mist dismal position) , ie the usa's unhappiness hasnt been specifically caused by china's overall approach to global 2.0 ( though specific partnerships eg with russia need exploring -they could be an opportunity but us congress tends only to see risk)

note on borders
-all across belt toad- borders are an innovation crisis - where can conflicts be turned into huge open trade possibilities mediated by youth tech wizards and optimistic teachers

-note one of the greatest economic triumphs of belt road to date has been to open up rail from china to spain - this required 2 sorts of innovation- 1 resolving border friendships everywhere rail passed through; in most cases developing the most efficient container swap process between trains wherever the railway gauge of 2 countries differed

this rail across eurasia the longest land mass in the world stretches almost one third of the earths belt/circumference- while many superail infrastructure improvemenst require big investments (eg beijing-vladivostok-alaska-ny-dc maglev)- this case illustrates how much more trade can be gained by renegotiating inter-country friendships and valuing safe and friendly borders - in places which china newly links together (by rail, energy pipes or other means) china aims to build at lest one dual nation school- where children practice each other languages- where possible the bigger opportunity is a micro-science park newly connecting 2 nations at a time- as always the great thing about the worldwide being a test lab for improving communities is a border dual language school that work at one previously disconnected border can be replicated to analogous border opportunities especially if we rachel 
worldpossibilities linking in aby experiences of bangladesh diaspora such as those of sal khan and the quadir bros linked in with such movements as koreas big bang club launched aiib 2017

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